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What are Bath Salts

Updated: Jul 14, 2023


The famous Bath Salts zombie attack blamed on Bath Salts, specifically MDPV was incorrect and had nothing to so with Drugs. John McAfee sang the praises of MDPV but in my opinion he was just crazy.

Someone was asking what Bath Salts were and what caused the zombie attack in Florida. The blamed substance was MDPV which is also what pushed John McAfee over the edge apparently. Check out McAfee's incredibly delusional thread on bluelight. He describles creating an increadible sex enhancement drug using MDPV with a process he says chemically changes. That process would do nothing to change the chemical structure of MDPV, yet he sings the praise high and low if this magical substance. Also a few months later he was wanted in Belize, where his MDPV adventures were taking place, on chargers of murder which is another incredible story.

Back to the bath salts story which is incredibly disturbing.

The Why Files did some cool investigation on the story

see the whole Why File video at

Based on research, it seems the original reports about the "cause" of the horrific Miami face-eating attack in 2012 were inaccurate. The initial claim that bath salts or MDPV were involved turned out to be unsubstantiated:

  • Toxicology reports showed the attacker, Rudy Eugene, had no synthetic drugs like MDPV in his system at the time of the incident. Only marijuana was detected.

  • The initial hypothesis about bath salts was speculation by law enforcement and media, not based on medical evidence.

  • It's believed Eugene was experiencing an acute psychotic episode, though the trigger is unclear. An undiagnosed mental illness like schizophrenia or a manic episode from bipolar disorder may have been factors.

  • Lack of any meaningful drug toxicity suggests a sudden psychiatric break was the primary catalyst, rather than drug-induced psychosis.

  • Friends and family said Eugene had been acting strangely in the weeks prior, becoming paranoid and mumbling about evil forces. This points to an untreated psychiatric disorder.

  • The ME's office indicated no definitive drug-related cause of behavior could be established from the autopsy results.

So in summary, while initial reports blamed the shocking attack on bath salts intoxication, the subsequent medical investigation found no evidence of such drugs. The violent behavior was most likely the result of an acute psychotic/manic episode caused by an underlying mental condition. Drug use did not appear to be the key triggering factor based on toxicology.

Here is a bit on the chemical structure of MDPV.

MDPV is in the Cathinone family the 3rd column , second row.

The route structure is Amphetamine. Adderall IS Amphetamine. Amphetamine has two mirror images and Adderall is the much stronger of the two isomers. The stronger isomer is called dextroamphetamine

Amphetamine is the root structure of MDMA as well as MDPV.

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