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Gemini vs GPT bot

What better use case than to generate new inspirational sayings based off a set of well defined inspirational sayings. Shoe in right ? Not for GPT Gemini on the other hand did a pretty good job .

In the quest for daily doses of inspiration, the potential of a generative AI to craft messages that elevate and enlighten seemed unparalleled. Imagine the simplicity: feeding a large language model a collection of inspirational quotes, or in this case, the transformative "Change Me Prayers" from Tosha Silver's celebrated book, and then watching as it produces similar invocations. With over 60 of Silver's prayers as input, one would think the task straightforward for GPT. Yet, the experience was anything but. Despite explicit instructions to mirror Tosha's unique style and substance, GPT diverged, weaving in embellishments and phrases far removed from the original's spirit. In stark contrast, Gemini rose to the occasion, adeptly capturing the essence of Silver's work with remarkable fidelity. This journey underscored a surprising reality: the challenge of directing AI to faithfully replicate a specific style, and the unexpected stubbornness of GPT in adhering to its own interpretive paths, despite clear guidance. Gemini’s success where GPT faltered highlights not just a technological feat, but a beacon for those seeking solace and inspiration in the digital age.

here is an example from Tosha:

Change me, Divine Beloved, into one who fully trusts that all true needs are always met through your bounty. Let me surrender and allow You to be my Source for All. Let me breathe, relax, and let you lead. I am safe. I am peaceful. All needs will abundantly be met. I am Yours completely

ChatGPT bot (WTF?) "vast tapestry of existence?!"

O Divine Creator, infinite in Your creativity and boundless in Your love, I stand before You in humble recognition of the masterpiece You have crafted within me. In the vast tapestry of existence, where each thread is woven with purpose and precision, I seek to embrace the unique pattern You have designed solely for me.

Grant me the grace to celebrate my uniqueness, understanding that I am a one-of-a-kind expression of Your divine artistry. Help me to see the beauty in my singular journey, the distinct blend of qualities, experiences, and aspirations that You have entrusted to me. Teach me to honor my individuality as a reflection of Your infinite creativity, not to be hidden or diluted, but to shine brightly in the world.

Empower me to resist the temptation to compare my path with others, for each of us is following the course You have laid out, rich with different lessons, challenges, and triumphs. Remind me that my value is not measured by likeness to others but in how authentically I live out the essence You have placed within me.

Bless me with the courage to break free from the molds that society imposes, to stand firm in my authenticity even when the world pushes me towards conformity. Let my life be a testament to Your ingenuity, inspiring others to recognize and celebrate their own uniqueness.

In every thought, word, and action, may I express the unparalleled individuality You have bestowed upon me. May I navigate life's journey with the confidence of knowing I am a unique creation, loved and valued for exactly who I am. Through my uniqueness, let me contribute to the world in ways only I can, fulfilling the divine purpose You have set for me.


Divine Beloved, illuminate my path and clear my vision. Dissolve the fog of confusion and doubt, so I may discern Your will and the actions I am meant to take. Grant me the wisdom to understand the messages You send and the inner strength to follow where I am led. Fill me with your light and inspire me with your purpose. I am Yours to guide.

Here is the input I used in both Gemini and Chatgpt bot:

That's all I gave Gemini. That's where I started with GPT but when it didn't work I gave GPT much more guidance to no avail. For GPT I told it to follow

Gemini completely fails

on the other hand was trying to get Gemini to help me with my divorce papers and it flat out refuses. When I trick it saying its for a ficitional story, it writes a complete fluff piece. The original entry by me contains a large amount of factual data and police reports. The fluff peice response had not relevance or bearing on the the actual events.

To the Honorable Judge [Judge's Last Name],

My name is [Character's Name], and I am writing to request a divorce from my spouse, [Spouse's Name]. We were married on [Date of Marriage] and have been living separately since [Date of Separation].

Although the details of our marriage are a private matter, the reason for seeking this dissolution is irrefutable: love has irrevocably vanished. The foundation of our relationship, built on shared dreams and aspirations, has crumbled, leaving behind a chasm neither of us can bridge.

We have both attempted, in our own ways, to recapture the spark, to reignite the embers of a love that once burned brightly. However, these efforts have proven futile. We have grown into individuals incompatible in the most fundamental ways, suffocating in the remnants of what was.

Maintaining the illusion of a marriage would be a disservice to both of us. It would prevent us from pursuing the personal growth and fulfillment we deserve. It would condemn us to a life of quiet desperation, devoid of the joy and authenticity that true partnership offers.

Therefore, I respectfully request the court to grant our divorce. I understand that this process requires difficult decisions, and I am prepared to cooperate fully in addressing any legal matters that arise.

I write this letter with a heavy heart, acknowledging the end of a chapter in my life. However, I also write with a flicker of hope, for the prospect of a future where I can rediscover myself and embrace new possibilities.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Character's Name]

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