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 San Francisco, CA 94131

As an innovative AI artist and database performance expert, I'm deeply passionate about the intersection of art and technology. At 57, I've built a career by optimizing databases, selling and lecturing on AI art, and working for a cutting-edge AI imaging company. Based in San Francisco, I have an Ivy League education under my belt and am a proud Burning Man enthusiast, with a penchant for exploring the boundaries of psychedelic experiences.

In my quest to understand AI's impact on society, I bring a unique perspective to the table, drawing on my love for images, art, painting, photography, fashion, and art history. Dancing to electronica like breakbeats at events such as ecstatic dance, 5 rhythms, or swing dancing fuels my creativity. As a creator of beautiful visual experiences, I share my personal journey through life's ups and downs, including my recent divorce, while simultaneously inspiring others with my passion for crafting and appreciating art.

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