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Most recently working at Midjourney, I have recently ventured out onto my own to start which is the Getty Images for AI generated images. I love finding amazing AI artists and connecting them with companies who have urgent need to find images for their marketing, branding, presentations or just as art gifts for key people. started during Art Basel Miami in 2022 where I led the creation of one of the first AI galleries in VR. 

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Kyle Hailey

415-341-3430  (please text initially before calling)

San Franisco, Ca 94131

My Story

UI trailblazer, having crafted the performance interfaces at Oracle, Amazon, Datadog, and Embarcadero. You might've seen my design in Tristan Harris's AI Dilemma . With a background in physics, applied math, and CS from Cornell, I'm now fusing my love for AI and visualizations most recently working at Midjourney, but now have ventured off on my own as the founder of AI art collective

At my core, an artist, geek, father as well as burner, francofile, and fluent in French, psychedelic historian ( in the lineage of Sasha) , Oenophile ( as well as cigars, coffee and cocktails) , photographer (won best Fashion photographer in SF in 2009), windsurfer , round the world biker, coming from a long line of Scots (with some German and French) who fought in the revolution, founded Tennessee and partook in the civil war, and fought valiantly in WWI & WWII. Conceived in the bay, born and raised in Texas with Micheal Dell and the Bush family, fled to the east coast for education, and settled where my heart is in San Francisco along with a few excursions to live in Seattle, Portland, Nevada City, Perth and Paris.


I'm looking for AI artist that are excited about creating AI images for companies and companies that are wanting to get up to speed on AI image creation.
Currently I'm spending my time building software or the site to work as a reverse market place where buyers and post commissions and artists can vie for those commissions with their AI images.

415-341-3430  (please text initially before calling)

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