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AI San Francisco Rental Units

Updated: Mar 19

Twin Peaks Apartments with an AI-Infused Makerspace!


Three apartments to rent on Twin Peaks in SF:

  1. furnished two bed, two bath with views of SF $4500/month

  2. furnished two bed, one bath $3500/month

  3. unfurnished 1 bed, 1 bath $2000/month (available furnished for $3K/month)

Until these are rented by the month, I'm open to renting by day or week

First two apartments have access to 2400 sqft make space, hacker space, with view over SF

Calling All AI Artists, Photographers & Creative Collaborators!

Live and create at the nexus of art and technology in Twin Peaks, San Francisco! We have two stunning apartments available for rent, perfect for individuals or collaborative teams working in AI-driven art or AI domain.

Fuel Your Creativity in a One-of-a-Kind Makerspace:

This isn't your average garage. Our massive 2,400 sq ft Makerspace is a haven for AI-powered creation:

  • Pump up the volume with a powerful 2000 watt sound system.

  • Bring your artistic vision to life in the dedicated oil painting area.

  • Capture stunning visuals in our fully equipped photo studio space.

Prime Location for AI Enthusiasts:

Situated in the coveted Twin Peaks neighborhood, these apartments are walking distance from the renowned AGI house, San Francisco, where some of the brightest minds in AI are building the future. Immerse yourself in this vibrant hub of innovation!

Spacious Apartments:

These two apartments provide a comfortable living area with both with two bedrooms, and the first with one bathroom and the second with two bathrooms as well as plunging views of San Francisco , perfect for relaxing and brainstorming your next AI-infused masterpiece.

Flexible Lease Options:

We cater to creative schedules! We're open to renting by the day, week, or month, with a preference for monthly rentals.

Your Ideal Neighbors:

Are you an artist who pushes the boundaries with AI tools? Perhaps you're a photographer who uses AI to create stunning, unique images? Maybe you're a visionary collaborator who thrives in an AI-inspired environment. If you're passionate about AI art and eager to connect with like-minded individuals, this is the place for you!

About Me:

I live in Unit 3. I recently worked at Midjourney last year and left to start my own boutique AI business Art Wave AI. I'm obsessed with AI, the impact AI could have on the future and in the immediate, having fun with AI art. I'm also fascinated by psychedelics, burningman and wine tasting. I occasioinally organize dinners and discussions around AI Philosophy - i.e. discussing the implications of AI on society and what AI implies about the meaning of reality.

Ready to take a virtual tour and discuss how this unique space can fuel your creativity?

Contact me at

Unit 1

Furnished two bed, one bath $3500/month (if available $175/day or $1150week )

(Pull out sleeper couch in den )


Unit 2

Furnished two bed, two bath $4500/month (if available $225/day or $1450 week )

Plus the garage is 2400 sqft open space with high ceilings and a view over San Francisco. I'm making it into an Art, Music and AI hacking space. I've got a 2000 watt QSC sound system and setting up photo studio area was well as an art area with oils, acrylics and pastels and a library.

PS : there is another apartment a block away from my building that I was renting this past year and a half. Ideally I would like to sub-lease it to someone, but also open to giving it up and helping the landlord find someone just rent directly from him.

Empty it is $2K/month

Furnished $3K/month , $900 week, $150 day, perference to longer term renters


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