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Shattered Trust: Harrowing Experience of AAA Insurance

On May 3rd, my car was demolished in a hit-and-run right outside my home. The culprit, Mark Cazares a Director at Levi Strauss & Co. , left a note with a fake phone number, a ploy to deceive witnesses. When we finally tracked down the driver, a shocking truth emerged—their insurance was also provided by AAA, the same company I trusted to protect me. But the driver's policy had a paltry $5,000 limit, a pittance compared to the $10,000 in damages. This isn't real coverage; it's an illusion that leaves victims abandoned. Knowing the inadequacy of these policies, it's unconscionable that AAA continues to peddle them to unsuspecting customers.

These "limit insurance" policies are a clever ruse, a way for individuals to claim they have insurance when in reality, they don't have any meaningful coverage at all. It's a loophole that allows them to legally drive while shifting the burden of any damages they cause onto their victims.

Here's how it works: A driver purchases a policy with an extremely low limit, like the $5,000 policy in my case. They can then truthfully say they have insurance, satisfying legal requirements or other checks. However, in the event of an accident, this meager policy pays out a maximum of $5,000, regardless of the actual damages.

So, if they cause $10,000 in damages, as was the case with my vehicle, their insurance covers a mere fraction of the costs. The rest falls on the victim, who must either bear the financial burden themselves or turn to their own insurance, if they have sufficient coverage.

It's a system that benefits irresponsible drivers and insurance companies like AAA, who profit from selling these sham policies. Meanwhile, responsible individuals who carry proper insurance are left to pick up the pieces.

In essence, these policies allow drivers to skirt real responsibility. They can cause significant harm and walk away with minimal consequences, leaving a trail of financial devastation in their wake.

It's a glaring loophole that needs to be closed. Insurance should protect, not deceive. It should hold those at fault accountable, not provide them a "get out of jail free" card at the expense of their victims.

AAA's complicity in this scheme is particularly egregious. As a trusted name in insurance, they have a duty to provide genuine protection. Instead, they're enabling and profiting from this harmful practice.

The kicker? AAA, a company that touts itself as a trusted protector, sells these sham policies. They're fully aware that these limits are laughably inadequate for the vast majority of accidents. Yet they continue to profit from unsuspecting customers who believe they're purchasing real protection.

It's a systemic failure that leaves victims like myself paying the price. It's a betrayal of the very principle of insurance—to provide a safety net in times of crisis. These policies are nothing more than a flimsy facade, crumbling when they're needed most.

Worse still, despite purchasing my AAA policy on April 29th, they initially denied my legitimate claim, falsely asserting my coverage wouldn't begin until May 9th. It took a protracted battle for them to acknowledge their mistake and honor my policy. AAA's failures are twofold—selling deceptive policies and wrongfully denying valid claims—a glaring breach of trust and integrity.

In the aftermath, I found myself trapped in a nightmarish cycle of unreturned calls, broken promises, and systemic breakdowns. I reached out tirelessly:

  • Friday: Left a message, no response.

  • Monday: Three calls, met with the hollow echo of voicemail.

  • Emails sent into the void, hoping to elicit a reply. Silence.

  • Today: Three more attempts. First, my elusive adjuster Jamie. Second, a plea to bypass her voicemail, blatantly disregarded. Third, unceremoniously disconnected by an automated system.

Last week brought no relief; six consecutive dropped calls, forcing me to use an alternate number just to penetrate their fortress of automated gatekeepers.

My adjuster Jamie D embodies AAA's culture of unkept promises. In 18 days, a mere two returned calls, each concluding with the mirage of imminent follow-up. On May 3rd, a pledge to call back within 24 hours—silence ensued.

The bitter irony? The driver who upended my life is also insured by AAA. My claim is entangled with theirs , a glaring conflict of interest smothered by AAA's indifference.

A representative confessed these meager policies "should be illegal," yet AAA shamelessly profits from them. Integrity, the bedrock of trust, has been cast aside for bottom-line concerns.

I implored AAA's leadership to resurrect the integrity they once embodied. To examine my claim, revolutionize their customer service, and accord policyholders the dignity they warrant. The onus is on them to rewrite this tragedy into a story of redemption.

This is a clarion call to anyone who believes their insurer stands ready to protect them. When that promise is broken, it's a betrayal that reverberates long after the dust settles.

My story is still being written. Whether it ends in a courtroom or the court of public opinion, it will be told. How many more like me suffer in silence, their voices stifled by an industry that has forgotten its purpose?

The system is fractured, and AAA's complicity is indefensible. We must demand change. Share this if you believe accountability in insurance is non-negotiable. Together, our Neighbors help track down Marc because he was only a block away and the damage on his vehicle matched the damage on mine. After he sent me his nonexistent insurance insurance and his drivers license I sent them the following text requesting that we talk about this in person to which he has not responded. can shatter the silence and forge a path towards true protection and integrity.


Neighbors help track down Marc because he was only a block away and the damage on his vehicle matched the damage on mine. After he sent me his nonexistent insurance insurance and his drivers license I sent them the following text requesting that we talk about this in person to which he has not responded.

You can tell me what happened otherwise I can take other actions that would be less


As your insurance explained it to me, it seems unlikely that the insurance will cover it, which means you're directly responsible for any financial emotional time and other impacts of my life and it's not held through the insurance and you don't deal with it directly then I'll go through the court system

To put a bluntly, l'm not happy with the situation, the number you put down was wrong, it's considered a hit-and-run because of the wrong

information, I told the police to hold off on the head and run, but the more this goes on the more I found out about how Imprudent your level of insurance was and that you just let me sit here for a week without contacting me. The

situation is not looking very good.

My request is that you take on responsibility and integrity despite how painful and uncomfortable the situation might be that you feel and that pain that you do the right thing

My request of you is that you come over here ASAP to my place and that we talk in person. It's the right thing to do. We can talk out front on the street. If you feel uncomfortable, we can talk with a neighbor present, and we can call the police if you really concerned about any issues of safety or otherwise.

Have integrity that shows you are man with integrity and that you care about the people in your neighborhood and yourself. Is the kind thing to do is the neighborly thing to do. How would you like to be treated? How would you felt if the situation was reversed?

You could be a neighbor, and we could bond over this, and we could build a stronger neighborhood, or you can choose to hide you can choose to separate yourself and create distance and create a weaker neighborhood of people who are watching out for themselves, not each other. Your choice.

Do you know this is a life lesson, and it can either learn from it now, or life will give you an even bigger lesson the lesson will be even bigger, but it also be much more challenging. So you can take an easy learning opportunity now or wait for something even bigger harder and more.

After discussing the incident where your vehicle collided with my parked car with your insurance company, it has come to my attention that your insurance policy may not provide sufficient coverage for the damages incurred.

Given this situation, you have two options:

1. Pay the monetary damages directly to cover the costs not included in your insurance policy. This would include the cost of the vehicle, towing expenses, rental car fees, and any other related expenses.

2. If you choose not to pay the monetary damages, I will be compelled to proceed with the original hit and run charges and resolve this matter through the court system.

I strongly believe that settling this issue amicably and promptly is in both of our best interests. I am open to discussing a fair resolution and exploring the options available to address the damages not covered by your insurance policy.

Please inform me of your preferred course of action and provide your availability for a phone call or an in-person meeting at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt response and working together to resolve this issue.

I Have filed a hit-and-run police report. Since your insurance is not covering the damage and you have not been in contact with me, I will be reaching out to your employer and initiating a court case. However, you have a choice. We could meet and discuss this matter in person, and perhaps find a way to resolve this amicably. I understand that could be financial challenging, but there are always solutions. If we cannot come to an agreement, l will have no choice but to proceed with legal action, which could potentially impact your employment. Please consider your options and contact me to discuss this further.

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24 mai

That sucks, Kyle, sorry to hear it. I was curious about this, and it appears to be a California thing, not just AAA. CA has some sort of "Basic Coverage" by law:

Apparently as of Jan 1, 2025, the minimum for property damage rises from $5k to $15k, which is nice but doesn't help you. Hopefully you are physically okay?,issued%20or%20renewed%20in%202024.

Rick C

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