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New works by John Williams Waterhouse “discovered”

Is there an artist you liked, but would love to have seen more works by? I always liked John William Waterhouse and wished there were more pieces.

You may be familiar the works of Waterhouse like Hylas and the Nymphs  which generated a bit of controversy a few years ago:

In January 2018, Manchester Art Gallery curator Clare Gannaway temporarily removed the painting from public display, after a decision “taken by gallery staff [along] with artist Sonia Boyce.”[2][3] The decision, the curator stated, was “influenced by recent movements against the objectification and exploitation of women” such as the MeToo campaign and the Presidents Club controversy.[4] She denied the removal constituted any form of censorship, stating, “we want to see this as the start of a process, not an end point,” and providing visitors with Post-It notes to air their views; meantime, postcards of the painting were removed from the gift shop.[2][5] A “strong backlash” followed the decision.[6] Art historian and author Elizabeth Prettejohn, who had previously curated a Waterhouse exhibition at the Royal Academy, disputed the claims about “public debate”, stating that “taking [the painting] off display is killing any kind of debate that you might be able to have.” After one week, the Manchester City Council, which runs the gallery, returned the painting to the wall. “It’s been clear that many people feel very strongly about the issues raised,” stated the council in the announcement.[7]

Here is a good article on the controversy and how the piece inspired the author : This Artwork Changed My Life :  John William Waterhouse’s : “Hylas and the Nymphs”.

For the fans of Waterhouse’s work, what if there was a way to see more undiscovered works?

Now there is an amazing way to see “new” works by him and that is through AI. The following images were all generated by Midjourney AI that takes text prompts and seed images to generate now images.

It is astounding how well the technology works.

Never will the art and design world be the same again. AI generated art has hit an inflection point. It’s going to radically change art, design, branding and marketing. The power at anyone’s fingertips is amazing. I’m blown away. Is there an artist you love and want to see more works by? You can create them yourself. Want a marketing photo with a monkey flying a rocket ship? It’s just a click away. Want to design a new logo? Do it in minutes. Fashion? Want to play with cloths and jewelry ? Do it in minutes without a photographer, make up artist, studio, etc.

More experiments in Midjourney at

water nymph, Pre-Raphaelite painting by John Waterhouse
water nymph, Pre-Raphaelite painting by John Waterhouse


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