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Delphix finalist for UKOUG partners of the year

Delphix  is a finalist for UKOUG partners of the year!

Also on the list are fellow Oaktable related organizations Scalabilities and Enkitec



What are your key reasons for choosing this category?

Delphix is an Oracle partner that has developed the ‘Database Virtualisation’ technology for the Oracle community. The Delphix solution enables businesses to operate differently by empowering developer, test and QA teams to generate full size databases on-demand in minutes with almost no storage overhead reducing data center operational and storage costs and increasing coporate agility.

How does your company differentiate itself against other Oracle partners focused in this area?

The Delphix solution is shipped as a Software Appliance and is hardware agnostic, this means the customer does not suffer ‘Hardware Lock-In’ like other less functionally rich solutions.

Please give at least one key example of your company’s achievements in this area.

Corporate Express Presses ‘Easy Button’ for Database Provisioning, Refresh, and Data Recovery with Delphix:

  1. 12:1 storage reduction

  2. Self-service database provisioning and refresh

  3. Faster and more agile application development

  4. Consolidated and more predictable disaster recovery

“We moved from complexity and cost to a few clicks that developers can manage themselves using standard web browsers. Previously our environments were averaging two refreshes per year. Now developers can provision or refresh VDBs at any time. The ease of use and self service has also freed our senior IT personnel to focus on higher value projects for the business.”

– Andrew Grech, Infrastructure & Operations Manager at Corporate Express.

Please describe how your company has made a difference to a customer’s success in the last 12 months.

At KLA-Tencor they were managing to do 4 SAP customization projects a year and after Delphix they were able to complete 22 SAP customization project by increasing the number of copies that could be made concurrently and decreasing the time to make a copy and to do refreshes.

The Delphix solution has been deployed at a Global Bank as part of a Operational Excellence programme. The Delphix technology has improved business agility and productivity by reducing database refreshes times from over a week to minutes. The Bank has also seen major storage reductions with multi-terra bytes databases created on-demand consuming 10′s GBs of storage.

Supporting document:

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