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Colored Heat Maps in SQL*Plus

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 1.13.15 PM

The above is so cool.

The graphic shows the latency heatmap of “log file sync”. I was running a swingbench load and at the same time throttling I/O such that latencies started off good then got worse and then back to normal.

All I did was type

sqlplus / as sysdba
@OraLatencyMap_event 3 "log file sync"

Now if we combine this monitoring, with the I/O throttling documeted by Frits Hoogland here , we can really have some fun and even draw latency words:


The above words in latency heat maps are from where there is information on heat maps. In the graphic at the top of the page I put lgwr in an I/O write throttle group and played with the I/O throttle. The full steps are:

Run an auto refresh color coded heatmap on “log file sync” in sqlplus by typing

sqlplus / as sysdba
@OraLatencyMap_event 3 "log file sync"

where OraLatencyMap_event.sql and OraLatencyMap_internal.sql are  your current directory or sqlpath

Now to play with LGWR latency with cgroup throttles see

# install cgroups on 2.6.24 LINUX or higher
yum intall cgroup

# setup /cgroup/blkio
grep blkio /proc/mounts || mkdir -p /cgroup/blkio ; mount -t cgroup -o blkio none /cgroup/blkio
cgcreate -g blkio:/iothrottle

# find the device you want
df -k
# my Oracle log file divice was
ls -l /dev/mapper/vg_source-lv_home
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 7 May  1 21:42 /dev/mapper/vg_source-lv_home -> ../dm-2

# my device points to /dev/dm-2
ls -l /dev/dm-2
brw-rw----. 1 root disk 253, 2 May  1 21:42 /dev/dm-2

# my device  major and minor numbers are "253, 2"
# create a write throtte on this device (for read just replace "write" with "read"
# this limits it to 10 writers per second
cgset -r blkio.throttle.write_iops_device="253:2 10" iothrottle

# look for lgwr
ps -ef | grep lgwr
oracle   23165     1  0 13:35 ?        00:00:19 ora_lgwr_o1123

# put lgwr pid into throttle group
echo 23165     >  /cgroup/blkio/iothrottle/tasks

# now play with different throttles
cgset -r blkio.throttle.write_iops_device="253:2 1" iothrottle
cgset -r blkio.throttle.write_iops_device="253:2 10" iothrottle
cgset -r blkio.throttle.write_iops_device="253:2 100" iothrottle
cgset -r blkio.throttle.write_iops_device="253:2 1000" iothrottle

# if you are finished then delete the throttle control group
cgdelete  blkio:/iothrottle
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