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AI Film Festival, 2nd Annual in San Francisco, Ca Oct 10, 2023

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

First AI Film Festival , October 2022:

Tonight, 2nd Annual AI Film Festival

Now October 10, 2023, the second annual AI Film Festival in San Francisco


630pm Gather

7pm Start

7:10pm Opening Remarks

7:30pm AI Films Selection and AI Games Selection Latest and greatest in AI Films made with Runway and Pika, most premiering for first time, and AI Games showing for first time

8:15pm AI Film Panel

9:00pm AI Games Panel

9:45pm Closing Remarks

10:00pm Drinks and Networking

In 2022, in San Francisco, we hosted the city's first AI Film Festival and showed you the VERY EARLIEST AI films. You were able to network with investors, directors, and founders as well as hear panels and talks from industry leaders.

In 2024, we will show you the first AI feature films - 90+ minutes long and destined for cinemas - and we'll let you play the first AI Games.

In 2023, you'll be able to see VIP sneak peeks of work-in-progress cuts for AI feature films and gameplay demos of AI Games, meet and network with AI film and AI gamesmakers and hear talks and panels from the leading AI filmmakers, AI investors and AI founders.

You'll also be able to hear directly from Julian B Adler, CEO of the Simulation.

When we say AI Games, we don't mean games where NPCs just babble endlessly, powered by ChatGPT, but games where NPC agents can take physical actions against you in the real world, where AIs can be trained in vast simulations and where the lines between game and reality blur.

When we say AI Films, we don't mean little film clips and film trailers for movies that don't exist. We mean actual WIP cuts of AI feature films being prepped for 2024.

This year we will be showing AI movies that are in some cases coming directly from premiering at this year's Venice Film Festival and in some cases are premiering here for the first time.

Let's take AI seriously as an artform!

Awards will be voted on by the audience and jury across

- Best AI Film

- Best Visuals in an AI Film

- Best Sound in an AI Film

- Best Acting in an AI Film

- Best Screenplay in an AI Film

- Best Direction in an AI Film

- Most Anticipated AI Game

Hosted by The Simulation and new AI movie studio Pillars

Twitter thread Back in March 2023, we can see AI film coming :

paultrillo Edited•28w “An Uncanny Hall Of Mirrors” None of what you see is “real”. No cameras. A completely synthesized reality. Finally got a little alone time with @runwayapp new beta of #gen2 … and wow… it kinda rattled everything I know about image making. Closest representation we will get to dreams. Gen-1 required a source video as an input while Gen-2 only needs a still image or a text prompt. This is still a very early version but is an indication of an entirely new type of conceiving a film project. In the present, it’s a great way to concept a film or test out ideas. In the near future, we may be able to get pick up shots without picking up a camera. Another paradigm shift in the world of AI filmmaking. Words by me… voice provided by AI Tilda Swinton

Six months before the above tweet thread, in October 2022, we had the first annual AI Film Festival in San Francisco

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