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GraphGPT and Visual SQL Tuning

Get your OpenAI key at for use in GraphGPT

brew install node
git clone 
cd GraphGPT
npm install
npm run start

this will/should popup a browser window for http://localhost:3000/

You can then drop in a SQL like

SELECT order_line_data
         customers cus
         INNER JOIN
         orders ord
         ON ord.id_customer =
         INNER JOIN
         order_lines orl
         ON orl.id_order =
         INNER JOIN
         products prd1
         ON = orl.id_product
         INNER JOIN
         suppliers sup1
         ON = prd1.id_supplier
         cus.location = 'LONDON' AND
         ord.date_placed BETWEEN '04-JUN-10' AND '11-JUN-10' AND
         sup1.location = 'LEEDS' AND
                 alternatives alt
                 INNER JOIN
                 products prd2
                 ON = alt.id_product_sub
                 INNER JOIN
                 suppliers sup2
                 ON = prd2.id_supplier
                  alt.id_product = AND
                  sup2.location != 'LEEDS')

which get's diagramed like

which is pretty similar to Visual SQL tuning:

The above GraphGPT chart was from Feb 1. Now on April 27, 2023 it comes out incorrect :(

Of potential interest

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