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GraphGPT and Visual SQL Tuning

Graph GPT, , looks like it could be used in Visual SQL Tuning,

Get your OpenAI key at for use in GraphGPT

brew install node
git clone 
cd GraphGPT
npm install
npm run start

this will/should popup a browser window for http://localhost:3000/

You can then drop in a SQL like

SELECT order_line_data
         customers cus
         INNER JOIN
         orders ord
         ON ord.id_customer =
         INNER JOIN
         order_lines orl
         ON orl.id_order =
         INNER JOIN
         products prd1
         ON = orl.id_product
         INNER JOIN
         suppliers sup1
         ON = prd1.id_supplier
         cus.location = 'LONDON' AND
         ord.date_placed BETWEEN '04-JUN-10' AND '11-JUN-10' AND
         sup1.location = 'LEEDS' AND
                 alternatives alt
                 INNER JOIN
                 products prd2
                 ON = alt.id_product_sub
                 INNER JOIN
                 suppliers sup2
                 ON = prd2.id_supplier
                  alt.id_product = AND
                  sup2.location != 'LEEDS')

which get's diagramed like

which is pretty similar to Visual SQL tuning:

The above GraphGPT chart was from Feb 1. Now on April 27, 2023 it comes out incorrect :(

Of potential interest

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