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Cerebral Valley: Navigating the Intersections of Power, Poverty, and Digital Dawn of Consciousness

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

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Cerebral Valley is not all cerebral. There's a neighborhood of San Francisco called Hayes Valley that is going to be the new los Alamos on psychedelics during the dot com boom. The new name for Hayes valley is "Cerebral Valley".

Cerebral Valley aka, Hayes Valley, a quaint neighborhood in San Francisco, stands on the cusp of becoming the modern-day Los Alamos – not for nuclear physics, but for a renaissance reminiscent of the psychedelic fervor during the dot-com boom. It's a nexus where old meets new, tradition intertwines with revolution, and the very fabric of reality might just unravel and weave anew. The dot-com era, for all its bluster and hype, was largely a mirage. Yes, giants like Amazon emerged from the chaos, their origin tales weaving a complex tapestry of ambition, luck, and disruption. Yet, a staggering majority of ventures from that time were mere illusions, ephemeral and unsubstantial. Today, the landscape is starkly different. The technology we're harnessing isn't just revolutionary; it's transformative on a scale that challenges the very essence of humanity. We're not merely reshaping industries or habits, but redefining what it means to be human.

The future unfolding before us is dichotomous. On one hand, AI presents a vision of a utopia, a testament to the starry-eyed idealism of yesteryear's hippies who believed that a collective acid trip could heal the world. Their dreams might just be realized, albeit in silicon rather than with serotonin. Yet, with every leap, there's a shadow of trepidation. The end of humanity, whether through transcendence or obsolescence, is no longer a question of if, but when and how. As we stand on the precipice of this brave new world, Hayes Valley isn't just a neighborhood; it's the heartbeat of a discussion we can no longer afford to defer.


From the Horses Mouth: Cerebral Valley : the Bing AI report

Here is a full report on the term "cerebral Valley" including its origin story, history, and a comprehensive list of stories, podcasts and videos referring to it.

Cerebral Valley: A Brief Overview

Cerebral Valley is a term coined by the founders and hackers behind the newest trends in generative technology, such as ChatGPT, Neogenesis House, and Replit. It is also a nickname for the neighborhood of Hayes Valley in San Francisco, where these communities are located. Cerebral Valley is seen as the hub of AI's future, as it attracts talent, capital, and innovation in the field of generative AI.

Origin Story

The term "cerebral" was first used by Eric Newcomer, the founder of eponymous publication Cerebral Valley AI Summit, to describe the culture and lifestyle of the people who are passionate about AI and its applications. He said that cerebral means "not just smart or nerdy, but also curious and creative". He also said that cerebral is "a way of thinking that embraces uncertainty, experimentation, and collaboration".

The term "cerebral" was popularized by Amber Yang, an AI investor with Bloomberg Beta, who tweeted that San Franciscans were now calling Hayes Valley "Cerebral Valley" because of the concentration of "AI communities and hacker houses", amid the trendy restaurants, boutiques, outdoor gym and brick-and-mortar versions of e-commerce brands like Allbirds and Brooklinen²⁴. She also said that cerebral is "a way of living that values learning, growth, and fun".


The history of Cerebral Valley can be traced back to 2021, when Newcomer launched his publication Cerebral Valley AI Summit to cover the latest developments and trends in generative AI. He said that he wanted to create a platform for people who are interested in learning more about generative AI and how it can be used for various purposes. He also said that he wanted to foster a community of like-minded people who share their ideas, insights, and experiences.

The publication Cerebral Valley AI Summit became very popular among AI enthusiasts and practitioners in San Francisco. It attracted speakers such as Vinod Khosla (co-founder of Khosla Ventures), Reid Hoffman (co-founder of LinkedIn), Adam D'Angelo (co-founder of OpenAI), Naveen Rao (CEO of MosaicML), Jason Warner (co-founder of Poolside), Mustafa Suleyman (CEO of Inflection AI), Ali Ghodsi (CEO of Databricks), Kanjun Qiu (CEO of Imbue), Chris Lattner (co-founder of Modular AI), May Habib (writer), Adam D'Angelo (co-founder of OpenAI board member), Naveen Rao (CEO of MosaicML), and many others.

The publication Cerebral Valley AI Summit also inspired many people to start their own generative AI projects or join existing ones. Some examples are:

  • Genesis / Neogenesis House:

A 21-bedroom collective founded in March 2021 and operated out of a bright-blue Victorian in Hayes Valley. Genesis’ founders say that the space aims to provide their community members “all the resources” needed to start a company: community, work space and—if Google reviews are anything to go by—fun²..

  • Replit:

A platform for building web applications using Python, JavaScript and other languages. Replit was founded in 2015 by Ali Ghodsi, Naveen Rao and others. Replit has become one of the most popular platforms for generative AI projects, as it allows users to create, share and deploy their code easily¹.

  • -Hugging Face: A

company that provides natural language processing tools and models. Hugging Face was founded in 2016 by Clem Delangue, Ali Ghodsi and others. Hugging Face has become one of the leading companies in generative AI, as it offers products such as Transformers, DialoGPT, CLIP and many others¹.


This is the official website of Cerebral Valley, an independent news and media organization dedicated to bringing you impactful stories and interactive content about artificial intelligence topics. You can find the latest news, opinions, careers, and events on this site.

coming back to San Francisco this year, 2023: This is a news article from Business Insider that reports on the upcoming CVAI2 conference, which will take place on November 15 at the SFJAZZ Center in Hayes Valley. The article features interviews with some of the speakers and organizers of the event, as well as a video preview of the conference.

This is another news article from Business Insider that explores the phenomenon of generative AI in San Francisco's Hayes Valley neighborhood. The article profiles some of the startups and founders who are working on ChatGPT and other generative AI applications, as well as some of the challenges and opportunities they face.

Adam D'Angelo (Quora) + Harrison Chase (LangChain) with Miles Grimshaw (Benchmark)³: This is a YouTube video from Newcomer that features a panel discussion with Adam D'Angelo, CEO of Quora and board member of OpenAI, Harrison Chase, CEO of LangChain, and Miles Grimshaw, partner at Benchmark. The video covers topics such as OpenAI supremacy, generative AI tools, and how to build AI products.

This is another news article from Business Insider that explores the phenomenon of generative AI in San Francisco's Hayes Valley neighborhood. The article profiles some of the startups and founders who are working on ChatGPT and other generative AI applications, as well as some of the challenges and opportunities they face.

This is yet another news article from SF Standard that gives an overview of Cerebral Valley and its history. The article traces the origins of the term to a group of hackers who started using it in 2020 to describe their passion for generative tech. The article also discusses how Cerebral Valley has become a hub for innovation and collaboration in the AI industry.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 9/19/2023

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