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Yes SQL ! the conference Jan 26 & 27 at Oracle

Wow, this is big – a Yes SQL conference !

Finally ! It’s here ! Yes SQL ! the conference!

At Oracle headquarters !

Send me your questions!

Have questions about SQL? about No SQL? about Yes SQL? About how Oracle is faring in the industry with SQL? I’ll be moderating a SQL panel discussion with

  1. Andy Mendelsohn (Executive Vice President for Database Server Technologies)

  2. George Lumpkin (Vice President, Product Management)

  3. Bryn Llewellyn (Distinguished Product Manager)

  4. Steven Feuerstein (Developer Advocate)

  5. Mohamed Zait (Architect) will explain Oracle’s strategy

Send me your questions – ideally just put them in the comments below – and I’ll ask them in the panel discussion.

Is Oracle Web scale? Is Oracle Web scale? Come ask the panel discussion.

The Conference

SQL is fascinating and almost every business depends on SQL to some degree. SQL permeates modern IT and is the #1 method of data access, so finally a conference dedicated to SQL.

Here are some of the rockstar SQL speakers at the conference:

  1. Steven Feuerstein

  2. Janis Griffin

  3. Bryn Llewellyn

  4. Andy Mendelsohn

  5. Kerry Osborne

  6. Tanel Poder

  7. Mauro Pagano

  8. Carlos Sierra


Check out the full 3 day conference agenda.

Coordinating with BIWA

Yes SQL! is coordinating with BIWA. The first 2 days are Yes SQL! (Jan 26 and 27) and the 3rd day (Jan 28) is BIWA (Business Intelligence, Warehousing and Analytics conference)

Full day SQL class

On Jan 28 a full day (8 am-5 pm)SQL tuning workshop is being offered. The workshop is being presented by Carlos Sierra and Mauro Pagano. Seats limited so sign up early here.

Talk Examples

  1. Understanding the 10053 Trace—Mauro Pagano, Accenture

  2. The Place of SQL in the Hybrid World Kerry Osborne and Tanel Põder, Accenture

  3. Chasing the Optimizer, Step by Step Mauro Magano, Accenture

  4. Is Oracle SQL the Best Language for Statistics, Brendan Tierney, Oralytics

  5. Real-Time SQL Monitoring in Oracle Database 12c Tanel Põder, Accenture

  6. Controlling SQL Plans (without Touching the Code) Kerry Osborne, Accenture

  7. The Next Generation of the Oracle Optimizer Mohamed Zait, Oracle

  8. 12-Step SQL Tuning Method Janis Griffin, SolarWinds

  9. Same SQL Plan, Different Performance Mauro Magano, Accenture

Where’s Waldo? Using a brute-force approach to find an Execution Plan the CBO hides Carlos Sierra, Accenture


register here

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