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Where the real technical talks are at OOW

What are the real technical talks at OOW amid all the marketing fluff? I don’t know all of them but I can vouch for the following

timeidspeakerroomtitleSunday9:00UGF2563Jeremiah Wilton, Marc FieldingM South 30924/7 Availability with Oracle Database Application Continuity9:00UGF4378Gwen ShapiraM South 308Analyzing Twitter Data with Hadoop – Live Demo10:00UGF3587Tim GormanM South 301Scaling To Infinity: Partitioning DW on Oracle Database11:00UGF3147Chris AntogniniM South 304Adaptive Query Optimization2:30UGF894912 speakers…M South 30412 Looks at Oracle Database 12c: EOUC Short TalksUGF8949 pt. 1Jonathan LewisM South 304Ugrading to 12c – What will go wrong?2:30UGF2244Connor McDonaldM South 30312c features for Developers2:30UGF3475Martin Bach, Frits HooglandM South 310Think Exa!3:30UGF4042Kyle HaileyM south 301DevOps, Databases, and the Phoenix Project3:30UGF6626Kerry,Tanel,etcM South 310Expert Oracle Exadata: Then and Now – PanelMonday8Mogens NoergaardOaktable WorldWelcome9Riyaj Shamsudeen: in-memory internalsOaktable Worldin-memory internals1Chris Antognini Indexes: Structure, Splits and Free Space Management InternalsOaktable WorldIndexes: Structure, Splits and Free Space Management Internals11Martin Bach A deep dive into HCC internals and mechanicsOaktable WorldA deep dive into HCC internals and mechanics12CMillsap, EGrancher, JLewis, JGennickOaktable WorldTed Talks1Jonathan LewisOaktable WorldCalculating Selectivity2Greg Rahn The Current State of SQL + HadoopOaktable WorldThe Current State of SQL + Hadoop3Kevin Closson SLOB – For More Than I/O!Oaktable WorldSLOB – For More Than I/O!4ToonsOaktable WorldWhy DBMS’s Still Lack SQL Assertions Support (A polite excuse)Tuesday8Carlos SierraOaktable Worldintroducing edb360 tool9Kent Graziano Worst Practices in DW DesignOaktable WorldWorst Practices in DW Design1Tanel Poder Hacking Oracle 12cOaktable WorldHacking Oracle 12c11Jeremiah WiltonOaktable WorldOracle on EC2: You’re doing it wrong12KOsborne, AGorbachev, JLewis, JHarris,Oaktable WorldTed Talks1Connor McDonaldOaktable Worldclone db2Frits HooglandOaktable WorldProfiling the logwriter and database writer (with version update)3Alex GorbachevOaktable WorldAnomaly detection on performance data4Karl Arao Capacity Planning: SLAs, KPIs, Headroom, Expiry DateOaktable WorldCapacity Planning: SLAs, KPIs, Headroom, Expiry DateWednesday1:45CON8134Kellyn Pot’VinM South 303Zero to Manageability with EM12c4.45CON7726Kellyn Pot’VinM South 104Oracle Exadata Database Machine Administration and Monitoring Made Easy4:45CON5773Eric GrancherM South 306Database Storage 101 Planning and Monitoring: Performance and Reliability4:45CON5915Jonathan LewisM South 102Reading an AWR ReportThursday10:45CON6812Tanel,KerryM South 104Oracle Database In-Memory in Action12:00CON10038Jeremiah Wilton, othersM South 301Customer Panel: Private Cloud Consolidation, Standardization & Automation1:15CON3671Kyle HaileyM north 130Lies, Damned Lies, and I/O Statistics2:30CON4053Kyle HaileyM north 130ASHmasters2:30CON4039John Jay KingMarriott Marquis Nob Hill C/DGauging Oracle ADF Application Performance: Instrumenting Your Oracle ADF Code

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