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Visualizing N Dimensions where N >> 3

This is just a book mark on to remind me to look into visualizing more many more than 3 dimenisions.

I've done a good bit of work around displaying 4 or 5 dimensions but when it comes to 10 or 100 or 1000 we have to use some other kinds of paradyms than the usual ones.

One area to investigate is Principal Component Analysis PCA

So this is just a bookmark for me to remember to dig into N >> 3 visualizations

For N=4 or 5 , heatmaps are one attempt at 4 dimensions. I think they are cool, but I have hard time jiving with them. The same kind of information can be show by having histograms over time, which is another thing I want to do work on. Below are few examples but at the time was much more interested in what the data meant rather than talking about graphis: Brendan Gregg heat map:

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