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Visual SQL Tuning Webinar with Jonathan Lewis June 10, 2010

Register for the live webinar on June 10th here:

Tune in for the Ultimate SQL Tune-off

According to Jonathan Lewis, there is a basic strategy to writing efficient SQL, but it requires knowledge of the data, the metadata, and the intent of the query.

Jonathan will start with the basic principles of efficient data access and then show different ways of analyzing the data. He’ll then describe a graphical approach to finding the most efficient access path for a query and then apply the method to a problem he recently saw with one of his clients.

But wait… is there more than one way to skin a cat? Kyle Hailey thinks so, and he’s not afraid to let Jonathan know it!

Kyle’s fancy footwork will include his own approach to Visual SQL Tuning (VST) with some ring side support from DB Optimizer XE. Hitting below the belt? You be the judge.

Live! June 10, 2010 at 11AM Pacific

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