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Tuning Blog Entries

Organizing  some of my past blog entries on Oracle database performance tuning and analysis. I’ll add more notes as well as a separate section on SQL tuning in particular.


  1. SQL execution times from ASH – using ASH to see SQL execution times and execution time variations

  2. AAS on AWR – my favorite ASH query that shows AAS  wait classes  as an ascii graph

  3. CPU Wait vs CPU Usage – seeing OS CPU usage, Oracle CPU usage and Oracle wait for CPU using ASH

  4. Simulated ASH 2.1 – get your ASH for free


  1. Metrics :  Waits

  2. Metrics : Statistics

  3. I/O latency fluctuations

  4. I/O wait histograms

  5. Redo over weeks

  6. AWR mining

  7. Diff’ing AWR reports

  8. Importing AWR repositories


  1. LGWR redo write times (log file parallel write)

  2. Ratio of Redo bytes to Datablocks writes


  1. V$ view time units S,CS,MS,US

  2. Parsing 10046 traces


  1. Display Cursor Explained – what are all those display_cursor options and what exactly is the data

VST – vistual sql tunning

  1. VST in DB Optimizer 3.0

  2. VST with 100 Tables !

  3. SQL Joins using sets

  4. Visualizing SQL Queries

  5. VST – product design

  6. View expansion with VST

  7. Outer Joins Graphically

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