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Trace3 customer experience with Delphix

People often ask me what I work on now after having been at Oracle, Embarcardero and Quest. I’m now at a company called Delphix where I work on performance monitoring and tuning. Here is a great customer case writeup from  Trace3 about what Delphix does.

From Trace3:


“After their SAP administrator provisioned a 7.2 terabyte database in 15 minutes with no assistance from the storage group, UNIX group, DBAs, or backup/restore, they really understood the full value of the Delphix solution.”

PAUL MONTOYA – Professional Services Architect Trace3

Every once in a while, a technology comes along that addresses our customers’ pain points so thoroughly that it pretty much sells itself. What if you could promise customers a solution that would allow them to provision full copies of multi-terabyte databases in minutes, with no impact to production, while achieving a huge consolidation of the underlying storage?

No doubt you’ve heard of server virtualization, the foundation of private cloud computing. It’s an easy sale: buy less hardware, provision resources faster, and reduce costs. Database virtualization offers those same benefits to customers that routinely work with large data sets, especially in dev/test environments. Right now, that technology is exclusively the domain of Delphix, a Trace3 technology partner.

Just a few years ago, many customers were reluctant to virtualize their servers because the technology was viewed by many as not ready for production. Today, virtual machines are ubiquitous. Showing customers the benefits of database virtualization now will not only generate sales, it will also build loyalty to Trace3, giving our customers confidence that we stay on the leading edge.

The featured case study explains how Trace3 worked closely with a semiconductor customer to embrace database virtualization.  A successful proof of concept resulted in a 99% reduction in database refresh time—from 5 days to 15 minutes—while yielding a 45:1 storage consolidation ratio, for a projected payback of 1.9 months.

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Of course you can check out my  current company straight from the horses mouth at

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