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Started at Amazon! … want to join me?

(Disclamer: any opinions expressed here are fully my own and not representative of my employer)


photo by alvaroprieto  (cc 2.0)

Super excited to be working at Amazon on my passion which is performance data visualization and database monitoring. Suffice it to say this is the most excited I’ve been about work in my career and I’ve had ample opportunity to work on database performance in the past such as at Oracle (where I helped design the performance pages and designed Top Activity page), at Quest (now Dell) on Spotlight, on my own free tools ( ASHMon, S-ASH, W-ASH, Oramon etc)  and at Embarcadero where our team produced DB Optimizer that extended sampling and average active sessions to SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase (not to mention Visual SQL Tuning). The work here at Amazon looks to largely surpass all previous work.

More to news to come as I settle in.

In the mean time Amazon is looking to hire! We are looking for product managers, developers, service people etc. Mainly senior people with a good track record.  Please feel free to contact me if (and only if)

  1. you are senior in your career  and/or

  2. we have personally worked together  and/or

  3. you have done something innovative already in your career (a free tool, a new design, etc).

Please refrain from contacting me about junior positions.  If you are interested in junior positions please look at the Amazon jobs listed on their website. Amazon is hiring aggressively!

These positions are almost all out of Seattle. There is some chance of working in Vancouver and Palo Alto though it would be recommended to work out of Seattle.

One specific position on my groups team is a Data Engineer to work on reporting. Here is the job listing from the Amazon site:

External job description:

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) is an industry leading web service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud using any of the leading database engines – MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and Oracle, as well as Amazon’s own MySQL-compatible database engine, Aurora. We are looking for a for a seasoned and talented data engineer to join the team in our Seattle Headquarters. More information on Amazon RDS is available at

The data engineer must be passionate about data and the insights that large amounts of data can provide and has the ability to contribute major novel innovations for our team. The role will focus on working with a team of product and program managers, engineering leaders and business leaders to build pipelines and data analysis tools to help the organization run it’s business better. The role will focus on business insights, deep data and trend analysis, operational monitoring and metrics as well as new ideas we haven’t had yet (but you’ll help us have!). The ideal candidate will possess both a data engineering background and a strong business acumen that enables him/her to think strategically and add value to help us improve the RDS customer experience. He/she will experience a wide range of problem solving situations, strategic to real-time, requiring extensive use of data collection and analysis techniques such as data mining and machine learning. In addition, the data engineering role will act as a foundation for the business intelligence team and be forward facing to all levels within the organization.

· Develop and improve the current data architecture for RDS · Drive insights into how our customers use RDS, how successful they are, where our revenue trends are going up or down, how we are helping customers have a remarkable experience, etc. · Improve upon the data ingestion models, ETLs, and alarming to maintain data integrity and data availability. · Keep up to date with advances in big data technologies and run pilots to design the data architecture to scale with the increased data sets of RDS. · Partner with BAs across teams such as product management, operations, sales, marketing and engineering to build and verify hypotheses. · Manage and report via dashboards and papers the results of daily, weekly, and monthly reporting

Basic Qualifications · Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related technical field. · 6+ years of experience developing data management systems, tools and architectures using SQL, databases, Redshift and/or other distributed computing systems. · Familiarity with new advances in the data engineering space such as EMR and NoSQL technologies like Dynamo DB. · Experience designing and operating very large Data Warehouses. · Demonstrated strong data modelling skills in areas such as data mining and machine learning. · Proficient in Oracle, Linux, and programming languages such as R, Python, Ruby or Java. · Skilled in presenting findings, metrics and business information to a broad audience consisting of multiple disciplines and all levels or the organizations. · Track record for quickly learning new technologies. · Solid experience in at least one business intelligence reporting tool, e.g. Tableau. · An ability to work in a fast-paced environment where continuous innovation is occurring and ambiguity is the norm.

Preferred Qualification · Master’s degree in Information Systems or a related field. · Capable of investigating, familiarizing and mastering new datasets quickly. · Knowledge of a programming or scripting language (R, Python, Ruby, or JavaScript). · Experience with MPP databases such as Greenplum, Vertica, or Redshift · Experience with Java and Map Reduce frameworks such as Hive/Hadoop. · 1+ years of experience managing an Analytic or Data Engineering team. · Strong organizational and multitasking skills with ability to balance competing priorities.

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