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SAP deployed with Delphix

How does Delphix benefit a SAP project?

  1. Speed up time to delivery for ASAP implementation methodology

  2. Enable adoption of “Continuous Application Delivery” methodology

  3. Reduce infrastructure overhead

  4. Deliver higher quality projects

ASAP methodology is a framework for delivering large IT projects. SAP professionals are familiar with this, however given the size and complexity of SAP projects, many fail to fully adopt it. Delphix helps customers adopt and use ASAP methodology.

SAP Projects today are big, hairy beasts. They are 18 months + and it is extremely difficult to do more than one project at a time. Delphix helps SAP customers move to a continuous development model where they are no longer delivering one or two massive projects a year, but are delivering smaller, more nimble projects on an on-going basis.

Once we’ve establish what Delphix does for projects, we want to give a few examples.

  1. Delphix dramatically cuts down the time it takes to deploy new SAP projects by parallelizing testing

  2. Delphix improves the quality of SAP training and maximizes system up time

  3. A real life example of Delphix

Delphix with SAP: Bringing success to otherwise tragic projects

We all know the story. In the beginning there is much excitement as the new ERP project is getting kicked off. Now the company will go from old inefficient methods to the latest and greatest processes, technology and fast data access. Then as the projects gets underway deadlines start to be missed, hidden obstacles arise, customizations are demanded,  project sprawl creeps in, etc.

The project that was targeted for 18 months either ends up taking 36 months to complete or the decision is made to go live at 18 months with half the functionality.

An ASAP Project example

The general approach for an ASAP methodology has the five columns. We want to introduce the methodology first and then use this as a framework for where Delphix helps and how we shrink the individual project pieces.

Assuming that companies have some level of ASAP methodology in place, their SAP projects. will look something like this. They have at least an 18 month long project and they are mostly single threaded.

Delphix reduced significant time

The areas in red are where Delphix can help. Note Delphix can dramatically impact the first four, but the last column is mostly just standard end of project tasks.

Delphix keeps the exact same rollout processes in place but speeds up certain steps significantly:

  1. Elimination of data constraints shortens total project time

  2. Deliver same project scope in less time

  3. Deliver higher quality projects

Delphix Productivity Gains Enables Continuous Application Development

  1. Delphix enables continuous, parallel development

  2. Enables move from monolithic, infrequent projects to parallel, small projects

  3. Business realizes ROI much sooner

Case Studies

Phase 1 : Storage reduction

Fortune 50  company reduced managed storage costs by $12M over 3 years for SAP by moving 1,500 SAP basis developers to VDBs.

Phase 2 : Data Conversion

Major US retailer uses Delphix to convert data from legacy systems to SAP reducing conversion effort from 6 months to 2 months and reducing conversion errors at go live to zero.

  1. Speed up iterative testing with VDBs

  2. Automate cutover to production

  3. Maximize test time and improve data quality

Phase 3 :  Data Integration

Device manufacturer uses Delphix to make virtual copies of all systems and create integrated system for business-process testing.ProblemDelphix Solution21 Systems comprise quote-to-cash processVirtual copy of all systemsNew apps limited by proper testingCreate business-process baseline for regression testingTransactional testing required through full systemUpgrade apps to support business opportunitiesDelayed releases due to complexity35% more projects completed , with flat budget

Phase 4 : Training Rollout

Major pet supplies retailer users Delphix for their business users training. By using enabling trainers to use Delphix self service data reset they are able to reduce training effort form 3 months to 1 month

Phase 5 : Break Fix

Fortune 50 company used Delphix to identify a currency corruption in hours instead of days by creating a VDB in mutes with valid production data before the corruption and used that data to resolve the error and extract the correct data. Delphix is used to ensure protection on an on-going basis. Without Delphix in place, customer rely on intermittent backups that have low RPO and RTO. With Delphix, we maintain a continuous set of data, meaning that in the case of data corruption or error, Delphix can provision data to any point in time.

Live  Archive

Benefits Delphix delivers in a SAP implementation:

Conversion – Delphix enables developers to have multiple staging areas where they can test their ETL programs. The ability to rewind environments in minutes allows developers to test multiple versions in a day. This reduces conversion effort from months to weeks.

Development/Sandbox – Delphix allows developers to have their own individual sandbox environments for functional testing at no infrastructure overhead. In addition, Delphix allows different functional areas to develop in parallel for various projects. The result is a N^N architecture which improves productivity by 200 to 300% on average. Delphix also allows testing against full production dataset so all use cases (known or unknown) can be tested before rolling out to QA and production. This enables shorter development cycle with better quality deliverables.

Training – You can have full training environment with real life, production like data(instead of synthetic) in a matter of minutes. This allows multiple training environments created on demand. The result is a better change management and user acceptance in the eventual production rollout.

Production backup and breakfix – Delphix backups all source data by default. In case of data corruption, you can simply use Delphix to diagnose the issue and troubleshoot it

Much thanks to Mick Shieh for the majority of the above content.

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