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Put Delphix on your laptop at Oracle Jan 28 !

Create an army of clone databases and applications in minutes


Tomorrow Jan 28 we will be installing Delphix on people’s laptops at the BIWA conference at Oracle conference center at Oracle head quarters in Redwood Shores.


  1. Laptop, either

  2. Mac: VMware Fusion or VirtualBox

  3. Linux: VMware Fusion or VirtualBox

  4. Windows: VMware Workstation or VirtualBox

  5. at least 8 GB RAM

  6. at least 50 GB free disk space, but preferably 100 GB free

  7. at least 2 Ghz CPU, preferably dual-core or better

We’ll provide a USB stick with 3 virtual machine file OVA files. Just start up the VMs and in a few minutes you will be thin cloning Oracle databases, Postgres databases and web applications.

Example of the installation

Example of provisioning a database with web application using #CloneAttack

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