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Pure Storage and Delphix

Joint webinar:

Super Charge Database Deployments

Delphix and Pure Storage, a combination like chocolate and peanut butter.

Within the Enterprise, database performance can be a massive bottleneck. For database developers, the large and complex landscape of databases within an enterprise can cripple the productivity of the very developers who can solve these problems.Pure Storage’s cost-effective, high-performance all-flash storage arrays coupled with Delphix’s database virtualization technology make it possible for enterprises to move their database landscape to flash at one-tenth the cost of disk-based solutions, with no performance tradeoff. Join Kyle Hailey, Technical Evangelist at Delphix and Chas. Dye, Data Center Architect from Pure Storage to hear how Delphix and Pure Storage a supercharging database deployments.In this webinar, we will cover how you can:

  1. Accelerate your virtual database projects by up to 50%

  2. Modernize your infrastructure to make it more flexible for the future

  3. Vaporize your costs: all-flash for 1/10th the cost of disk storage

Invest 30 mins and hear how this joint partnership is revolutionizing the database and storage world.


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