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Photo Realism in Midjourney (v3)

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

“The photo realism in the face! Can you share how you are getting theses kinds of results with skin and eyes” The question I get the most often is “how do you get the photo realism in the images?” The answer will probably change quickly over time as new innovations options are constantly coming out. For now the option on Midjourney is to use the “—testp” option. Here is my flow for the image above.

Step 1

Enter your prompt. For photo realistic fashion, the best prompt I’ve found is “fashion photo editorial” , not even sure “photorealistic” does much. Not so sure about “high details” either though throwing in the word “details” does seem to add more interesting stuff.

/image prompt: black and white fashion photo editorial, mixed [ mix of emma watson, ana de armas, cara delevinge]; high details; beautiful, photorealistic, dark background, 8k These results come out beautiful but the are definitely cartoonish.

Step 2

is to pick one of the 4. In this case I’ll just take the first one “U1” Results are pretty close to original and look nice but definitely cartoonish. The next step takes it to the next level in photorealism.

Step 3

Choose the “Remaster” option

Now the results are pretty awesome and photo realistic, but to take it to even the next level you can hit “Make Variations” and if you have set the option “Remix Mode” you can go in and add “testp” as well as alter the seed prompt which is amazing ~!

Step 4

Choose “make variations” and the remix dialog will come up if you have set “Remix Mode” on. In the remix dialog add “—testp”. This will take the realism up a notch though on the downside it can seriously change the image as well as take out a lot of detail. And now you have some amazing photo realistic portraits options

Step 5

Choose one of the options and you are done. Or keep choosing a variation and modifying the prompt to make tweaks.

Step 6

voila , I’m done, I just choose one of the variations and get an amazing result

After thoughts:


The original photo for this blog post, has an edginess. I got this by adding the word “latex” to the prompt.

black and white fashion photo editorial , mixed [mix of emma watson, ana de armas, cara delevingne], latex --ar 9:16

I like the added edginess and drama it gives. Actually I LOVE the resulting image!

PS now that v5 is the default , the easist way to get these results is to skip all the steps and do

bokeh, sharp light, crisp, can see strands of hair and sparkle in the eye, black and white fashion photo editorial, mixed [mix of emma watson, ana de armas, cara delevingnel, claudia schiffer ] ; high details; beautiful, photorealistic, dark background, 8k --testp

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