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Oracle Closed World : Lots of hacking and undocumented stuff! , 30 minutes and counting !

Tanel Poder, world expert on Oracle performance tuning and internals will be speaking live from Oracle Closed World on “Lots of hacking and undocumented stuff!”

Find out how to do things like trace a sql statement only across all sessions in the database. The presentation will be offered live by podcast if you are unable to join in person at the Thirsty Bear in San Francico.

Secret Oracle Closed World Presentation

Mogens (left) and Tanel (right) working on the Oracle Closed World webinar broadcast masterplan (it was very hard work)Lots of hacking and undocumented stuff!Join us for a Webinar on September 20 2-3pm PST This session doesn’t have any slides, but Tanel will show you lots of (undocumented) ways to hack Oracle instead. Some of this stuff may even be useful, but some is just fun ;-) Topics will range from how to read systemstate dumps, how to perform in-memory conditional tracing and how to trace a single SQL etc as time permits!Title: Lots of hacking and undocumented stuff!Date:Monday, September 20, 2010Time:2:00 PM – 3:00 PM PDT

Seminar delivered by Tanel Poder (the guy below):

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