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Oracle Closed World live, now!

Click here for the lastest info: Oracle Closed World 2010 !

Mon, Tue, Wed 1pm-4pm at the Thirsty Bear during Oracle Open World.

OCW is bigger and better this year. That means more beer, more technical goodness, chicken wings and 3+ keynotes.

The agenda will include a lot of spontaneity and improve. No telling who will show up to talk on what, but here is a brief idea, and plan for some of the talks:

Monday, September 20: 1PM to 4PM

Of special interest, check out Tanel’s presentation, available on podcast, on Oracle Secret internals, called “Lots of hacking and undocumented stuff!”, more info here

1-2 PM: Keynote Speaker Arup Nanda

Cache Fusion Demystified Cache Fusion the fundamental to performance in RAC by reducing the need to go to disk for the data and getting it from the memory of another instance directly. But it is also a source of a lot of mystery, myths and misconceptions. Full Abstract

2-3 PM: Keynote Speaker Tanel Poder This session doesn’t have any slides, but Tanel will show you lots of (undocumented) ways to hack Oracle instead. Some of this stuff is actually useful, some is more fun ;-) Topics will range from how to read systemstate dumps, how to perform in-memory conditional tracing and how to trace a single SQL etc as time permits! More on Tanel’s thought leadership here: and his blog Full Abstract

3-4 PM: Keynote Speaker Riyaj Shamsudeen will present on RAC Advanced Trouble Shooting.

Also on the Agenda for Monday:

Karl Arao will spend 5 to 10 minutes on each of the following topics:

Linear Regression with AAS


Tuesday, September 21: 1PM to 4PM

1:30 – 2:30 PM: Keynote Speaker Kyle Hailey Database Performance Made Easy Through Graphics Average Active Sessions (AAS) Formulas, Interpreting Load Charts and Visual SQL Tuning (VST) Full Abstract

Also on the Agenda for Tuesday:

Martin Nash will present a 5-Minute presentation “Helping MOS to Help Me”, which is about diagnosing the cause of an ORA-600 error and then working around the error until a patch is available/applied. Obviously it’s not applicable to every ORA-600, but the approach to identifying the source of the problem is Martin feels is worth sharing.

Arjen Visser will present a 5-Minute presentation on how to use DBvisit to implement a standby database without Data Guard. When using Oracle Standard Edition and Standard Edition One, Data Guard is not available. Dbvisit can be used as an alternative to implement and managing standby databases to ensure complete protection for your primary database. This is a quick overview of the Dbvisit solution.



Wednesday, September 22: 1PM to 4PM


3PM – 4PM Keynote Speaker Kevin Closson will present on SMT and Flash

Also on the Agenda for Wednesday:

Gwen Shapira will talk convincingly about webscale, /dev/null

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