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New VST graphics coming in DB Optimizer 2.5.1

I’m excited about the upcoming minor release of DB Optimizer in a few weeks, 2.5.1. Version 2.5.1 will have graphics for outer joins, in/exists, and not it/not exists as well as diagramming the embedded nature of the subqueries:

Subqueries are expandable and collapsible in the VST diagram by right clicking on them and choosing “expand” or “collapse”.

The diagram will also have a new optional legend to explain the parts:

and as always the text and the graphics will be interactive and correlated as we can see by the text of the subquery being highlighted after the subquery had been clicked on in the diagram. Can’t wait for version 3.0 where we plan to visual show the flow of the execution path on top of the diagram as well as visually diagramming remote tables (for example at dblinks) and partitions (partitions are already show under table statistics).

see blog post

for the sql text

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