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Mold : detoxing , my experience

(NOTE : article is a work in progress - just trying to get something to share out)

Our 4-year-old son was happy and healthy until he was exposed to a massive load of mold toxins from Stachybotrys and Aspergillus penicillioides. Our landlord, without warning us, went into our basement and sprayed chemicals on the mold on the walls. The chemicals themselves were inoffensive, but when mold is attacked and dies, it releases toxins.

With in days he went from  well adjusted, quick learner, happy go lucky kid who wore rainbow and unicorn glittery colorful cloths, to a super oppositional child, sensory issues and learning challenges, and only wore dull cloths. With in a few days of the event, he had a 3 hour melt down. Before that I’d say the longest melt down was an hour.

He stopped wearing most of his cloths, stopped wearing socks and underwear ever and wore the same two or three soft tshirts and shorts , no matter the weather. Once in Tahoe it was 14 fahrenheit, and he still work just tshirt and shorts outside in the cold

He missed most of first grade, not because of covid, but because he was unable mentally and emotially to make it to school. He would either sleep or go into a tantrum when it was time to go to school. Once I took him to school in a tantrum. When I got to school and got out of the car with him, the principle saw us, in the middle of tantrum, and got it. She got how impossible it was to take him to school and was totally supportive of taking him back home. The school was supportive , accomodating and understanding of our situation.

He seemed to learn almost nothing at school or with school work.

Now in 3rd grade , 4 years later, he seems almost completely healed to me. He as learned to read this year, going from almost not reading skills, to reading age appropriate books fluently. He just started wearing socks. He almost never has meltdowns. As a father, seeing his healing , so warms my heart.

It's been almost 5 years.

As far as healing and detoxing, the regiment is pretty limited and simple, just these three steps


  1. Binders like charcoal (take them 20 - 60 minutes before meals )

  2. Purgers like glutathione

  3. Supplements : vitamins, probiotics and possibly antifungals

After spending tens of thousands of dollars on medical consultations regarding mold, I found the advice to be extremely simple with only minor variations. There are lots of "experts" who ultimately have little to say but plenty to talk about costing you thousands of dollars and a good portion of your life.

The approach is to make the body purge the toxins with glutathione and take binders like charcoal to carry those purged toxins out. Physical activity and sweating can be important in the purging process, and there are several binders to try on a rotating basis. Supplement this regime with vitamins, probiotics and antifungals as well as staying away from sugar and simple starches (highly processed food).

If you have the money, mental strength, physical strength, and determination, the best approach and the approach to take in crisis is chelation, i.e. literally filtering your blood. They strap you down for multiple hours and filter your blood. In retrospect, we should have done this with our young son immediately after he was exposed.

No matter what route you take, this is a multi-year journey.

Mold detox has two main strategies that work together: purging the toxins and binding the purging toxins. Generally, you should only take one binder at a time, or maybe two, binders at a time and rotate over the years(s) (it's a lengthy process). For purging, glutathione is one of the only supplements that is apparently effective. For highest effectiveness, it needs to be taken sublingually, i.e., absorbed through the mouth membrane, for the best uptake. However, for purging, physical activity is crucial—moving the body, stimulating the lymphatic system, and inducing sweating. We got a home portable sauna. Other interesting approaches are even to get lymphatic massages.

Core Regime

  • Binders (take them 20 - 60 minutes before meals )

    • diatomaceous earth

    • charcoal

    • Bentonite Clay

    • Sporanox

    • GI Detox

    •  CSM - Cholesytramine

  • Purgers

Complementary work

You might have living spores, so taking antifungals is necessary. Nystatin is pretty mild, while Bocidin is stronger. For people experiencing die-off symptoms, taking antifungals can make things worse before they get better. Be sure to take binders at the same time. There are even stronger anti-fungals and these take a perscription so you have to work with a doctor if you want really strong anti-fungals. We did put our son an prescription anti fungal ( I'll have to go back and do some research on which is was)

  • Antifungals

    • nystatin

    • Biocidin

    • propolis / manuka honey - propolis might be better as less sugars

    • perscription anti-fungals, talk to your doctor

Gut Care

To replace any bad stuff that might be in your system and to help your system after an anti-fungal

  • Gut care

  • Probiotics

  • Saccharomyces Boulardii

  • Megaspore

  • Digestive Enzymes


Some vitamins help with mold toxicity

  • B Supreme

  • B12

  • Vitamin D3

  • Vitamine C

Self Care

Of course self care, which is specific to you and more or less unrelated to mold

  • CDB

  • massages

  • etc


  • Avoid sugar

  • Nix packaged and ultra-processed foods with simple surgars

  • Avoid foods that contain mold and yeast. 


I don't know, but doing a quick google search, this site looks reasonable and sane

Real life example

For a couple of years, our protocal for son , who was 4 at the time of exposure and now at 8, almost 9, seems like might just be full healed, was taking the following:

  • On Rising

    • Binders :

      • CSM - Cholesytramine

      • Bentonite Clay

    • GI Detox

    • Sinus nasal rinse with Biocidin LSF

  • Breakfast:

    • Purger

      • L-glutathione

        • for child , and nice for adults , we found

        • can be take as a supplement, but to be effective:

          • before eating, hold in mouth for a minute before swallowing

          • can also be taken

          • nasally

          • through a nebuliser

          • with skin patches

    • B Supreme

    • B12 - use up to 5 lozenge at a time

    • Vitamin D3

    • Biocidin

    • Nystatin

  • Lunch:

    • Digestive enzymes

    • Megaspore

    • Saccharomyces Boulardii

  • Dinner:

    • Biocidin

    • Nystatin

    • Digestive Enzymes

  • Bedtime:

    • Essential oils

    • CBD

Mold is pervasive. There had been a tsumani of mold in the US since WWII because drywall is a like a petri dish on steroids for mold if it gets wet. Before WWII houses used lathe and plaster for walling which was more resistant to mold. Any kind of water damage can lead to a huge mold problem. My recommendation would be to move if at all possible instead of remediate.

In San Francisco, where I live, there are neighborhoods that are predominately stucco and stucco build over half a century ago before proper venting was incorporated, so that water, humidity and rain would go done the stucco walls and sit the bottom of the walls not draining. This caused high levels of humidity for long periods of time and AFAICT, created huge problem. AFAICT many of these houses should be condemned.

I've seen a number of these house skinned alive, and taken down to the studtys. i.e. nothing but the framing wood, left, and all black at that. I guess the try and remove the stucco and redo that house, but if the wood core skeleton is moldy, it's a loosing prospect. One saving grace in San Francisco, is Redwood is antifungal and is strongly resistent to mold. Our last house we bought, was build in the 70s and during inspection we found a number of spots that had elivated humity, with in a range for a lot fo people but a red flag for us. I was thinking 'oh no, this place is going to have mold' but alas the mold report came in clean. We moved in , and a couple months, doing some routine repairs, found out that the framing of the house had been done with Redwood !

But to put this in perspective, it's thought that about 1/4 of the population is at risk because their bodies have difficulting purging the toxins form mold. The toxins are bad for everyone, but most peoples bodies do well filtering out the mold. For example, in our family, two of the four of us got sick from the mold. I felt more or less fine as well as did my older son, while the boys mom got sick and or younger son lost almost 5 years of his childhood to mold and PANDAs kicked off by the mold. Thank god he is healed now. There is light at the end of the tunnel. It's exhausting. It's devasting to family dynamics, but healing is possible.

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