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Make it easy or die (software is eating the world)

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Software is eating the world

  1. We see taxis being beaten out by Uber and Lyft.

  2. We see hotels being undercut by Airbnb.

  3. We see brokerage firms undercut by Ameritrade and Etrade.

  4. We see retailers under cut by Amazon.

  5. Video stores have been supplanted by Netflix

Today it’s all about developing software that makes access to your product easier.

We are also seeing the same thing happen in IT where cloud such as AWS is undercutting industry hardware vendors like Oracle, Netapp, EMC

NetApp lost 25% revenue. IBM storage revenues dropped 19%.  It’s like the collapse of SGI, Sun and DEC

It’s all about how fast you an get ease of use to the market.

That’s why DevOps and Cloud is so important. It’s about speeding up the flow of features requests through development to QA to production.

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From inside a data center, especially at some old, crusty IT department of some large corporations, it may seem like any significant usage of the cloud could never happen, but looking at the growth rate, it’s hard to say the impact won’t be huge.


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