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Lineage of the 100-400 slide PPT

There is the  Mandel approach to power points in presentations where one is suppose to spend 3 minutes per slide, thus a 60 minute presentation is 20 slides or less.

How about going the other way, showing 3 or more slides per minute?

Sound crazy? I like this approach. It’s the median between a film and a speaker with no slides. I like visuals in presentations and too many words tend to overwhelm me and eventually tune me out. Not only does too much text overwhelm but it conflicts with the speaker. If I’m reading the slide then I end up missing out on what the speaker is saying.

I found the following slide presentation from a few years ago  inspiring.

The above video by Stéphane Faroult was  inspired by

and that  video was partially influenced by Lawrence Lessig

One friend of mine, Connor McDonald, has done over 400 slides in 60 minutes. An example of his slides  is at

video is at

As Edward Tufte, who railed against the bullet point power presentation style,  if one wants detailed content, print it out and let the attendees read them later. Wonder what Tufte would think of these presentations.

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