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Jonathan Lewis tests Delphix

Ask Jonathan about Delphix at

Jonathan Lewis has graciously accepted an offer to come out to sunny California next month  and spend a few days at Delphix !  Jonathan will be putting  Delphix through it’s paces.  I’m super excited to have Jonathan  test Delphix and then learn about what he discovers. We are planning on co-presenting a webinar on the findings as well as Jonathan will be blogging is findings.

If you have questions for Jonathan about Delphix or scenarios you’d like him to test out then ask Jonathan to  test them out by commenting on  his blog post  on Delphix:

As a performance architect at Delphix for the past 2 years,   I’ve been  involved in all sorts of Delphix performance related work, benchmarks and tests.  I’ve spent much of that time personally pounding on Delphix and I am convinced that the technology is rock solid , fast and agile. I can’t understand why every Oracle shop doesn’t already have Delphix in place. Its incredible. With out Delphix the cloning process is like dragging huge weights around. With Delphix the cloning process is fast and light like having enormous power at ones fingertips.

For more information on Delphix see:

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