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Join Jonathan Lewis for a discussion of Delphix


Kicking the Tires on Delphix

Live webcast: Jonathan Lewis  – An Oracle Expert’s Look at the Delphix Technology

Jonathan Lewis came out to the Delphix offices in Menlo Park, CA to kick the tires on our product for a week.

Join Jonathan Lewis and myself for a discussion and sharing of first impressions of Delphix. Jonathan worked closely with the Delphix team investigating performance, comparing technologies, and testing community-requested use cases. In this chat, Jonathan  and I will have an informal discussion on the preliminary results of Jonathan’s  first-hand experiences with Delphix, working closely with our team to learn about the functional aims, implementation strategies, and underlying technologies. As part of his hands-on activity, Jonathan started with the simple provisioning benefits of Delphix, and went on to look at the performance implications of various scenarios, including test cases suggested by the Oracle community. For a glimpse into what will be discussed  see Jonathan’s blog post on his visit to Delphix.

  1. Register for Friday, April 5, 2013 9:00 am

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