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GUI forums and discussions?

Where are there good discussions on GUI and Information Visualization on the web?

Decent discussion group on web site of

Stephen Few:

Edward Tufte’s

which I find rambling and overly excited about pet issues like PowerPoint and Spark lines – yawn If you don’t know Edward Tufte you should though. He is probably the most eloquent and impactful person in the realm of information visualization over the last 30 years. His first book is by far the best first book to read on the subject:

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

“A timeless classic in how complex information should be presented graphically. The Strunk & White of visual design. Should occupy a place of honor–within arm’s reach–of everyone attempting to understand or depict numerical data graphically. The design of the book is an exemplar of the principles it espouses: elegant typography and layout, and seamless integration of lucid text and perfectly chosen graphical examples. ” – Amazon Review

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