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Good Blogs to follow

Good blogs keep popping up and other blogs fade into the back ground, so it’s hard to keep track of the good stuff out there. The following is a list of blogs I have either in the past gotten a lot out of or currently do. It would be great to get comments on what the best current blogs are and then iterate on this list and keep it updated.

There use to be a cool blog aggregator site called “” where I had aggregated a bunch of blogs but that site no longer seems to work and I’ve lost the list I built up there. There must be some new blog aggregator sites out there. Welcome suggestions.

The  Oaktable aggregates the blogs of its members, many list below, on it’s site

Oracle Blogs

  1. Bertrand Drouvot –

  2. Chet Justice –

  3. Christian Antognini –

  4. Coskan Gundogar –

  5. David Kurtz –

  6. Dominic Delmolino –

  7. Kellyn Pot’vin –

  8. Kent Graziano –

  9. Martin Widlake –

  10. Nikolay Savvinov –

SQL Server world



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