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Gartner & Delphix : DELIVER APPLICATIONS with better, faster data

Orignal PDF for this content available here.

A new video webcast, features Gartner research VP, Jim Duggan,  and Delphix CEO, Jed Yueh, discussing how IT management should best add business value when data volumes are growing exponentially. Their conversation is an enlightening exploration of a very topical challenge: delivering application projects on time, on budget, and on quality. This at-a-Glance Guide summarizes the 7 essential questions Jim and Jed discuss. For a deeper dive into these issues, you can watch the full version here

1. How should CIOs think about technology for managing data?

CIOs are focused on managing schedules and costs – and, of course, on mitigating their organizations’ risk exposure. but the business is demanding technology support and business capabilities. The CIO needs to think “how can I best deliver that?”

2. What type of projects benefit from agile data?

Agile data helps you get the right data into the hands of the right team at the right time. so it impacts the entire range of application projects.

3. Why is data management so difficult now?

Development and data processes have both changed significantly. Data is more volatile, there’s more of it, and it comes from more sources. Test centers need to be consolidated, which means data provisioning times can become a serious obstacle to progress. Put simply, these changes are rendering traditional approaches to data management increasingly unfit for purpose.

4. How does Delphix accelerate application projects? 

To accelerate complex application projects, a number of technologies need to work in unison. delphix synchronizes data from existing systems and versions any changes. it then enables virtualization of that data so you can  quickly deliver it to the right people – like your development or Qa teams. with Delphix, you can do this in a matter of minutes or seconds, as opposed to the months it can take if you  wait for it operations.

5. What are the business effects of failed projects?

Application projects exist to deliver value to the business within an agreed schedule. Falling behind this schedule will exert a negative business impact. Frequent consequences of late application delivery include getting late to market, excess costs, and a knock-on effect on parts of the business that have to wait until the application is finished.

6. How have Delphix customers benefitted from agile data?

Delphix has helped companies like Ebay eliminate as much as 20 percent of their release times for major platform refreshes. And at Procter & Gamble, Delphix helped reduce a five-week data refresh period to just two days. In fact, a lot of the world’s number one companies have adopted the delphix platform. Why? Because these companies habitually move fastest and outpace their competitors.  Companies like fortune One, Walmart, Pfizer and Cisco have all moved to agile data – because they’re the world leaders, and they plan to stay that way.

7. Who is affected by data management challenges in most firms?

Of course, day-to-day data challenges are typically managed by it teams. but data really affects the entire organization. Ultimately, CEOs, shareholders, end users and customers are all affected by applications – and by how successfully the organization can get data into the hands of the right teams at the right times.

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