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Example Jmeter workload for Postgres and Oracle

pgload.jmx is JMX file you can load into Jmeter and run a substantial load on a Postgres database. Should work just as well on Oracle if you change the test SQL from “Select 1″ to “select 1 from dual”

Install jmeter on our machine . On my mac, I did

  1. brew install jmeter

You will need the Postgres driver. I used

  1. postgresql-9.4-1202.jdbc4.jar from

  2. Put it in the classpath in jmeter


To use this file, save it as pgload.jmx and then open it up with Jmeter. Change the database URL with host, port, database name, and fill in your username and password.

The database URL looks like jdbc:postgresql://

where “” is the machine running PostgreSQL  and “database” is the name of the database you are using in that instance and “5432” is the port to connect over.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 2.56.19 PM

You have to make TWO connection string changes. One is as shown above for “Setup Connection” and the other is 2 rows below “JDBC Connection Configuration” where you make the same changes.

Then just hit the green triangle to start the load.

The load will create a table named authors, a sequence called serial and an index called author_id if these don’t already exist.

It will then run inserts, deletes, updates and selects on this table.

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