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Delphix success and Paternity Leave

photo by Steve Jurvetson

I’m off on for a couple weeks for paternity leave! Actually started on Saturday night a week ago with the beautiful, stressful, exciting, fast birth of our second son. What a gift.


I’m  sleep deprived and busy helping with two kids now, thus I”m not blogging these two weeks. On the other hand this past week has been an awesome week in the press for Delphix and I wanted to pass a few tid bits of what’s been happening.

First Forbes Magazine Names Delphix One of America’s Top 25 Most Promising Companies of 2014. Super exciting.  The article also sites that Delphix

 has  also been named a Gartner Cool Vendor of 2013, one of TechTarget‘s Top Ten Virtualization Companies in 2014, one of the DBTA Top 100 Companies that Matter Most in Data, a Red Herring Top 100 Global winner and a winner of the IET Innovation Award. The San Francisco Business Times also named Jedidiah Yueh CEO of the Year in 2013.

Second, the San Jose Mercury had a great interview with  Delphix CEO Jedidiah Yueh, on building apps faster

Already a huge success from the first company he founded, Avamar of Irvine — which he sold for $165 million in 2006 — Jedidiah Yueh is on a roll again. His Menlo Park-based Delphix, which he founded in 2008, has tripled its sales over the past couple of years and boasts customers ranging from Facebook and eBay (EBAY) to Comcast and IBM.

Third Delphix was sited as one of 20 amazing companies founded during the financial crises and went on to blossom as the economy has begun to strengthen:

“Scarcity of capital is like draught season in the Serengeti,” says Jed Yueh, CEO of  Delphix, which develops database software that helps reduce processing time and storage requirements. The company has raised $45.5 million from Greylock Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners and others. “As conditions improved, companies that survived benefitted from having fewer competitors. Or in our case, it’s one of the reasons we still don’t have any direct competitors,” he says.

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