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Delphix Modernization Engine

Delphix Modernization Engine is built on version 4 of our Agile Data Platform. Delphix built the Modernization Engine to help companies trying to migrate or consolidate data centers (including migration to private, public clouds) or retire/rationalize application portfolios. The product is designed to dramatically reduce project risk, as well as time and run-rate IT costs. Key functions include:

Virtualize entire application stacks: Delphix can now do for applications and file systems what we already did for databases. The product can virtualize app binaries, config files, other related files, as well as databases, track changes via TimeFlow, and provision space-efficient virtual copies in minutes.

Auto-transform from Unix to Linux: Many companies have hundreds or thousands of Oracle databases running on legacy Unix platforms, often at 4-8x operating and maintenance costs of x86 platforms. Converting these databases from Unix to x86 Linux requires extended, manual, and error-prone efforts. Delphix accelerates the process significantly with our new data transformation feature that will automatically convert Unix databases to Linux.

Delphix also makes it easy to move many copies of databases from one datacenter to another

Delphix 4.0 webinar

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