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Delphix and Business Intelligence

  1. Businesses need data to make intelligent decisions better and faster than their competitors.

  2. Most of the critical data for businesses runs in enterprise applications and the data has to be extracted and loaded into reporting environments, which are then loaded into large, unwieldy data warehouses.

  3. Enterprise applications, however, are often overloaded and pegged for performance, with data growing every year and batch windows shrinking due to the need for 24/7 production availability.

  4. Reporting systems, often overloaded from heavy extracts and constant reporting, are often taken offline during nightly data loads.

  5. As a result, many companies face a looming brick wall for their intelligence systems.

  6. When extracts fail to complete within batch windows, reporting environments are left with days old data, and data warehouses end up with even older data.

  7. Leaving businesses flying blind.

  8. Delphix continuously collects data from applications in near real-time, enabling businesses to offload operational reporting from transactional applications and allow more reporting, even during peak activity periods, such as processing end of quarter sales.

  9. Data extracts can also be offloaded onto Delphix, eliminating performance constraints and eliminating dependence upon batch windows altogether.

  10. Since workloads on Delphix have no impact on production systems, data can be extracted throughout the day, instead of during a nightly data window, which drives fresher data into reporting environments.

  11. Operational data stores, workgroup reporting systems, and data warehouses can also be loaded into Delphix Engines.

  12. In addition, a single Delphix Engine can easily support 20 or more virtual environments for development, testing, sandboxes, or data marts—even for large, unwieldy 100TB data warehouses.

  13. Data management is the key to a successful analytics architecture.

  14. Our agile data platform transforms the economics of analytics, delivering fresher data and higher availability.

  15. Business intelligence matters.

  16. Intelligent businesses run faster on Delphix.

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