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Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

It’s no secret that there are some tasks that overwhelm existing database architectures, making projects consistently come in over budget and overdue.  This holiday season, on behalf of Database Administrators everywhere, we’d like to ask Santa for:

An end to the constant struggle for more and more disk space for databases and copies

An army of smart elves to run and test backups

Less dependence on physical/virtual administration and storage teams to create working environments for development and QA

A better monitoring tool (say EM on steroids and runs on all databases SQL Server, DB2 etc)

Self service tools f0r developers that can take some of the load of DBAs

Less tedium to common tasks like cloning databases or providing work areas for other teams to use

A team of developers who love to write both elegant SQL code and efficient database interfaces

An evolved role as the central hub for all needs data related so that the experienced DBA is protected from being a bottleneck

A pair of Google glasses (just because they are cool)

New flash storage array

And Santa, if you can’t help with the beleaguered DBAs’ wish-list this year – we know it’s a lot – Delphix might be the answer.


DBAs Everywhere

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