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Collaborate 2016 Oaktable World Sessions

Oaktable World Las Vegas is happening at Collaborate 2016! Many thanks to Tim Gorman, Alex Gorbachev and Mark Farnham for organizing! Free Oaktable World t-shirts available at Delphix booth 1613 on Tuesday and at the Oaktable World talks on Wednesday. Also available at the Delphix booth is free copies of Mike Swing’s “the little r12.2.5 upgrade essentials for managers and tema members”. Mike will be doing Q&A at the Delphix booth Tuesday 1:15-2:00 and book signing on Wednesday 2:00- 2:45.

Oaktable World all day Wednesday 9:15-6:15 Mandalay Bay Ballroom I

TimeSession TypePresenter NameProposed Topic09:15 – 10:1560 minsAlex GorbachevBack of a Napkin Guide to Oracle Database in the Cloud10:30 – 11:30“Re-Energize” sessionno OTW session11:45 – 11:5510 minsAlex GorbachevInternet of Things 10112:00 – 12:1010 minsTim GormanHow Oracle Data Recovery Mechanisms Complicate Data Security, and What To Do About It12:15 – 12:2510 mins12:30 – 12:4010 minsKyle HaileyChallenges and solutions masking data12:45 – 12:5510 minsDan NorrisTools used for security and compliance on Linux13:00 – 14:00Oracle keynoteno OTW session14:00 – 15:0060 minsKellyn Pot’Vin-GormanPerformance Feature Enhancements in Enterprise Manager 13c wtih DB12c15:00 – 16:0060 minsDan NorrisIPv6: What You Need to Know (with Linux & Exadata references)17:15 – 18:1560 minsKyle HaileyData for DevOps

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