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Cloning 5 databases in 120 seconds

Delphix allows companies to make copies of Oracle databases in minutes with  almost no storage overhead by sharing all the duplicate data blocks between database copies. Sharing duplicate data blocks massively reduces storage consumption, frees DBAs up from the repetitive work of copying files , allowing them to concentrate on innovative work and most importantly accelerates project development by eliminating the time and resource consuming bottleneck of provisioning databases for development, QA and reporting. With Delphix the databases can be provisioned in  minutes to any point in time from the source database allowing one to easily go back before an incident on production to retrieve data before a problem or stand up a full copy of production at a time that production had a problem allowing easy analysis of intermittent issues.

A  database refresh in 15 minutes? That is mind blowing! Delphix nailed it for us. – Matt Lawrence ,  Sr Director Wind River (Intel)

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Here is an example of virtualizing 1TB in 120 seconds by provisioning five 200GB databases in Delphix

In the demo I click on the source database in the top left. A source database is represented by the S in a black circle. After clicking on the source, I see the source snapshots appear in the middle screen. I take the default which is the most recent snapshot. I then click on “Provision” in the bottom middle. I then choose the target machine that has the Oracle binaries and will run the clone instance. After that I accept the defaults and it creates the virtual database. I then do that 4 more times creating a total of five database clones of a 200GB database. For a physical copies this would take a considerable amount of time, space and expertise.

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