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Clean Installs (Embarcadero’s All Access)

Ever have problems de-installing software on windows? Well Embarcadero has a new technology where there is no install for it’s windows install. It’s called “Instant On” and is part of Embarcadero’s All Access suite of products. Just execute the program and it runs immediately without any install (the way it should work, like on UNIX).

This new “Instant On ” functionality is the technology on 30 USB drives I gave away at my NoCOUG talk. The USB contained DB Optimizer, the product I work with the new Visual SQL Tuning (VST) as well as Embarcadero’s other database products. The USB is good for 30 days and has another 30 day renewable trial license make 2 free months of trial time.

People who didn’t get the USBs were asking me if I could sent some. I don’t have any more but the same files are available online at

Just download the “All Access” client and run it. All Access will display all of Embarcadero’s tools both database and codegear and allow you to download and trial any of these products with this new Instant On functionality. Super cool.

The above is a screen shot of the All Access client. Just click on any tool to automatically download the Instant On version of the product. DB Optimizer for example is in the bottom right, second from the bottom

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