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Can you justify your data ?

People ask me to justify use of Delphix. I can understand. Delphix is new and often, most of my friends who are DBAs respond with “I can copy a database myself. So Delphix can copy 10 TB in 10 minutes with 0.0001 TB space. That’s a neat parlor game magic trick, so what?”  Well that’s missing the whole boat. The question won’t be why you should use Delphix but “can you  justify working without Delphix?”

Delphix is amazingly positioned at nexus of data concerns right now – the right place at the right time :

  1. Data is exploding

  2. Big Data is hyped up

  3. Data management is getting harder

  4. Compliance issues are mounting

  5. Security issues are mounting

  6. Consumerization of IT is pivotal

Delphix makes managing data  easy and efficient which means people get access to data faster, easier and cheaper which is what people are all wanting with the big data hype but rarely getting with big data “solutions”. Before people try to harness “big data”, which in my mind is the data that people haven’t even tried to harness yet, it would make more sense that people harness the data they understand. As an analyst I want fresh copies of data immediately. I don’t want it a weeks old. I also want to work freely on it with out worrying about corrupting it for others or impacting others usage of the data. With Delphix, analysts can get data for themselves, fresh data, immediately and do what they want with it and then throw it away.

This has an enormous impact on application development where the biggest bottlenck is creating and refreshing databases for developers and QA.

This has enormous implications for compliance where companies are under more and more compliance pressure and may be called upon at any time to supply past versions of data for audits. Delphix makes it easy, cheap and fast to keep old versions of data and then to provision those versions in minutes.

This has implications in financial closes where identifying and correcting general ledger errors on live systems can be prohibitive. Delphix allows fast easy sandboxes.

Security is a huge issue. With all the copies of production databases in Dev, QA, UAT, Reporting, testing, sandboxes etc it can be extremely difficult to track. On the other hand if all those copies point back to the data on Delphix it’s easy to guarantee that it is all masked and to track chain of custody.

As UIs, hardware and software languages and frameworks advance and as more and more people have access to technology, technology is exploding in areas where the UI is user friendly. The Web browser itself is a powerful example of that.  People are demanding more and more consumerized interfaces. It makes sense. Why have arcane, obfuscated, difficult interfaces that are the domain of experts only and because the interfaces are clunky they lead to human error. Instead we are demanding and benefiting from the power of clear, fast, task oriented UIs that are easy to use and guide and protect the user during the interactions. On the UI front, Delphix has just been added to

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