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Bug or Feature

I love this little cartoon

which is a funny story about why OEM DB Control wouldn’t start up because the hostname started with a “U” believe it or not (read the blog post for more info!). It’s yet another reason why I have issues with OEM. When OEM fails to work it can be exasperating. Just last week I was watching a presentation one OEM where OEM wouldn’t start for 20 minutes – provide for quick thinking on the presenters part to fill in that 20 minute hole. I was tempted to run up to the presenter and give them a DVD with instant on DB Optimizer which require no agents and no install. Just put the DVD in (also available via free download) and click on the executable and point it at any database (SQL Server, Sybase, DB2 or Oracle ) and voila you get a load chart of average active sessions and a breakdown on where the load is coming from immediately.

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