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Arup Nanda on RAC – live from Oracle Closed World

Oracle Closed World has kicked off and Arup Nanda,, is presenting on RAC

Full house but we can sqeeze in some more. Come early while there is still free beer and Oracle Closed World T-shirts.

Arup Nanda is presenting on how cache fusion works, difference between row locks and RAC block locks, and answering questions like can I buffer my whole database in memory.

Arup Nanda has been an Oracle DBA since 1993, which has exposed him to all facets of database administration&emdash;from modeling to disaster recovery. He currently leads the global DBA team at Starwood Hotels, the parent of chains such as Sheraton and Westin, in White Plains, NY. He serves as a contributing editor of SELECT Journal, the publication of Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG); speaks at many Oracle Technology&emdash;related events such as Oracle World and local user groups such as New York Oracle User Group; and has written many articles for both print publications such as Oracle Magazine and online publications such as Oracle Technology Network. Arup has coauthored two books: Oracle Privacy Security Auditing (Rampant, 2003) and Oracle PL/SQL for DBAs (O’Reilly, 2005). Recognizing his professional accomplishments and contributions to user community, Oracle chose him as the “DBA of the Year” in 2003. He lives in Danbury, Connecticut, with his wife Anindita and son Anish. He can be reached at

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