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Amazon announces Performance Insights

Excited to see the announcement of Amazon RDS Performance Insight feature for database performance monitoring and tuning.

Having met the team for this project I can say from my personal view point that the importance and future success of this feature is clear as day to me. The team is awesomely sharp, the architecture is super impressive, and this is by far the most exciting performance monitoring and feedback system I’ve been involved with,  surpassing the work I’ve been involved in on Oracle’s performance monitoring and tuning system and Embarcadero’s DB Optimizer and Quest Foglight and Spotlight. Not only does the feature provide it’s own dashboard but will also provide an API to power your dashboards that already exist in the industry. I expect to see partners leveraging the API to provide new insights in their already existing database performance monitors.

Below are a couple of snippets that showed up on the web this week  as well as a couple of photos of Jeremiah Wilton, who I personally consider the catalyst and moving force behind this feature, giving demonstrations of the feature.

PS the team is also hiring! If you you are interested, check out this post on ycombinator.

On Amazon Blog


On Brent Ozar’s  blog

 Amazon’s throwing in free performance monitoring tools. The new Performance Insights tool shows wait stats, top resource-intensive queries, lock detection, execution plans, and 35 days of data retention. It’s designed by a former Oracle (there we go again) performance tuning consultant to match his workflow. You don’t have to install an agent, configure a repository, or keep the thing running. It’s in preview for Aurora PostgreSQL today, and will be rolled out to all RDS databases (including SQL Server) in 2017.


Live Demo at the re:Invent demo grounds


Video of presentation at re:Invent

Starting at 39:00

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