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Advances in SQL Tuning Techniques at HOTSOS

Late breaking news – I’ll be speaking at the 2010 HOTSOS conference!

Advances in SQL Tuning Techniques

In the past few years some novel SQL tuning techniques have appeared such Oracle 10g’s SQL profiles, 11g’s SQL baselines , extended execution statistics, Tuning by Cardinality Feedback, Visual SQL Tuning, Oracle 11g’s real time SQL monitoring and plan stability. Find out what about these methods and how to best harness them easily and effectively on your system.

Learning objectives:

1) How to identify queries that are potentially suboptimal

2) How to analyze the query

3) What steps to take to come up with an optimal and stable plan

HOTOS is my favorite Oracle conference both for the high caliber of the speakers as well as the participants. Here is the impressive speaker list for 2010:

I’ll also be teaching a 2 day Oracle performance and tuning seminar on the following dates and locations:

Melbourne Feb 22-23

Sydney Feb 25-26

Singapore Mar 1-2

Hong Kong Mar 4-5

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