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Advance your career contest

Want to advance your career ?

We’ve seen DBAs become managers, managers become directors, directors become VPs and CIOs go from lesser known companies to some of the best known in the world. Why did they get promoted? Because they brought in Delphix.

Delphix increases the speed, the agility of IT often enabling development teams to go twice as fast, an increase that is unprecedented.

Companies that have this advantage will outperform the competitors.

How do you learn Delphix? Up to now you had to buy Delphix but now for a short time we will be giving a few people copies of Delphix for learning purposes.

Here’s the deal:    – We will  provide 15 smart techies with a copy of the Delphix Engine good for 6 months     – Then, we want to see who can demonstrate the coolest or whackiest use-case for Delphix involving…         * creating virtual environments         * securing or hardening environments         * improving analytics         * improving DevOps using Puppet, Chef, or your favorite scripting package    – Demonstrate and blog about it The three coolest use-cases will be awarded prizes at Oracle Open World, featured in video interviews, and their blogs will be promoted by Delphix.

More information coming.

For now feel free to send your information, who your are, what your blog is,  to if you are interested in being 1 of the 15.

What is Delphix?

Delphix is a software solution to enable thin-cloning of Unix/Windows file-systems and databases (i.e. Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Sybase) to enable self-service provisioning of entire application stacks, eliminating the biggest infrastructure constraints in development and testing, thus increasing the tempo of DevOps for project, and allowing dedicated environments even for the most trivial of tasks (such as testing changes for tuning a single SQL statement).  This technology also provides new alternatives for backup, high-availability, and analytics/reporting/ETL, as well as data masking to reduce the surface area of risk in non-production environments. Of course, that’s just me saying all that.  I work for Delphix, so you’d expect us to say any old thing, right? But it really is true, and it really changes a lot of things.  Think cold fusion.  Think sliced bread. And we’re looking for a few good folks to prove it. This technology is fast becoming the new norm.  Right now, shops using Delphix have a distinct competitive advantage, but a year or two from now, shops not using Delphix will be falling behind faster, because they will be at a distinct disadvantage as more people settle into the new norm. The same is true for database administration skills.  As talented as you are personally, you’re only one person, and even if you did nothing but script and automate all day every day, you can’t fight the changes in the very laws of physics that virtualized storage brings.  You need to learn new tools, to stay ahead.

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