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What is Delphix


Who is Delphix?

More and more I’m asked “What is Delphix?” One reason I’m getting asked is because Delphix is getting more and more exposure. Delphix is used by Fortune #1 Walmart. Delphix is used by social #1 Facebook.  Delphix is used by US Bank #1 Wells Fargo. Delphix is used by networking #1 Cisco. Delphix is used by #1 cable provider Comcast. Delphix is used by #1 auction site Ebay. Delphix is used by #1 insurance New York Life. Delphix is used by #1 chip manufacture Intel.  The list goes on. Who is this company Delphix and why are they used by the #1 companies in so many domains only 3 years after they started shipping a product?

What does Delphix do?

Delphix enables Oracle and SQL Server  customers to clone their databases in minutes for almost no storage.

What is Delphix?

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Database clones for everyone!!

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