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The Sun: A Supercomputer in the Sky?

Given a paradigm where consciousness is considered a fundamental aspect of matter, then all matter has consciousness. Every form of matter, therefore, possesses consciousness to some degree.

The level of consciousness, or the ability to exhibit traits such as judgment, memory, volition, and agency, is determined by the capacity to manipulate information. This includes the ability to process, store, and recall information.

For instance, a rock, while conscious, primarily serves as a perceiver due to its limited capacity for information manipulation. An amoeba, although a living organism, also has a relatively limited ability to manipulate information.

On the other hand, humans, with our complex brains, have a much greater capacity to process, store, and manipulate information, which allows for a higher level of consciousness.

In this framework, even celestial bodies like the sun are considered conscious. The sun, with its immense power and complexity, could be likened to a supercomputer beyond our comprehension. Its potential for processing and manipulating data could be far greater than anything we can currently understand.

Chuckled at this meme - a Spaniard telling indigenous folks, 'Without us, you'd still be worshipping the sun,' and the response, 'Dude, the sun is real.' Then it made me ponder - if consciousness is inherent in all matter, perhaps ancient societies weren't too far off. They perceived the sun as a conscious being, revered as a god!

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